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  1. Making and measuring “good” HR practice in an SME: the case of a Yorkshire bakery
  2. The role of strategic groups in understanding strategic human resource management
  3. The experience of work life balance for Irish senior managers
  4. The impact of hotel management contracting on IHRM practices
  5. Improving women's representation in senior positions in universities
  6. The impact of hotel management contracting on IHRM practices: understanding the Bricks and Brains split
  7. Expanding into Asia: The Human Resource Challenge
  8. Human resource management and performance in the Barbados hotel industry
  9. Women's progression to senior positions in English universities
  10. The complexity of culture: Using the appraisal process to compare French and British managers in a UK-based international hotel organisation
  11. Action research to develop work‐life balance in a UK university
  12. Approaches to HRM in the Barbados hotel industry
  13. A Qualitative Study of HRM and Performance in the Barbados Hotel Industry
  14. Work‐life balance initiatives: implications for women
  15. Empowerment: HR strategies for service excellence
  16. The Appraisal Process
  17. Women's employment in Italian and UK hotels
  18. Conceptualising culture
  19. Diversity management in practice
  20. The Gap between Male and Female Pay: What Does the Case of Hotel and Catering Tell Us?
  21. Removing Our Culturally Tinted Glasses: An Approach to Teaching International Masters Courses