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  1. Solvent-free mechanochemical conversion of 3-ethoxysalicylaldehyde and primary aromatic amines to corresponding Schiff-bases
  2. Recyclable Palladium Catalysts for the Heck/Sonogashira Reaction under Microwave-assisted Thermomorphic Conditions
  3. Graphite oxide functionalized with ionic liquid and ruthenium as hydrogenation catalyst
  4. Studies on Mechanochemistry: Solid Coordination Compounds from Primary Aromatic Amines and Cobalt(II) Chloride Hexahydrate
  5. Structure and emission studies of dimorphic crystals of [PtBr2(5,5′-bis(CF3CH2OCH2)-2,2′-bpy)] (1)
  6. Synthesis and characterizations of Ni-NiO nanoparticles on PDDA-modified graphene for oxygen reduction reaction
  7. Nanocomposite for methanol oxidation: synthesis and characterization of cubic Pt nanoparticles on graphene sheets
  8. The microwave-assisted ionic liquid nanocomposite synthesis: platinum nanoparticles on graphene and the application on hydrogenation of styrene
  9. Ionic Liquid in Synthesis: A Phase Transfer Reagent and a Redox Mediating Medium
  10. New type of saccharinate crystals: A possible supramolecular synthon
  11. 4,4′-Bis(2,2,2-trifluoroethoxymethyl)-2,2′-bipyridine
  12. Synthesis, structure and spectroelectrochemical property of (2,2′-bipyridine)–metal (M=Pt, Pd) dichloride with 4,4′-bis(fluorous-ponytail) on bipyridine
  13. Synthesis and characterization of [Pb{Se2P(OiPr)2}2]n pseudo polymorphs: Polymeric, single source precursor enabling preparation of shape-controlled lead selenide structures
  14. The intramolecular blue-shifting C–H⋯F–C hydrogen bond: crystal structure of [4,4′-bis(HCF2CF2CF2CF2CH2OCH2)-2,2′-bpy]MCl2where M = Pt, Pd
  15. Reactivities of Secondary Phosphine Selenides Cp(CO) 2 FeP(Se)(OR) 2 : Formation of a Diiodine Charge Transfer Adduct and Se-Methylation
  16. Neighbouring metal induced oxidative addition at the iron centre amongst the iron–arylpyridylphosphine complexes
  17. Palladium-catalyzed Heck reaction under thermomorphic mode
  18. Synthesis, structure and reactivity of novel palladiumdichloride-2,2′-bipyridine with 4,4′-bis(fluorous-ponytail)
  19. Electron-transfer chain catalysis in phosphine replacement reaction: Determination of relative donor capability of arylpyridylphosphines
  20. New bis(fluoro-ponytailed) bipyridine ligands for Pd-catalyzed Heck reactions under fluorous biphasic catalysis condition
  22. Modified procedure for improved synthesis of some octameric silsesquioxanes via hydrolytic polycondenzation in the presence of Amberlite ion-exchange resins
  23. 3,6-Bis(2-pyridyl)di-1,2,4-triazolo[3,4-a:4′,3′-c]phthalazine
  24. Application of electron-transfer chain catalysis: preparation of bridged 〚{(η5-C5H5)Fe(CO)2}2(μ-diphosphine)2+〛 complexes without chelated 〚(η5-C5H5)Fe(CO)(η2-diphosphine)+〛 byproducts
  25. (η5-C5H5)-Ring alkylation reaction with the C5H5 anion: towards the construction of tri-Fe complex Fe{[μ,η5:η4-5-exo-(1′-C5H4)C5H5]Fe(CO)2(PPh3)}2
  26. Diphosphine as an Overhead Bridge across a Heterometallic M−M‘ Bond. A Flexible Cluster System in (P−P)AuMn 2 (CO) 7 (μ-PPh 2 ) that Accommodates All Common Diphosphines
  27. Ferrocenediyl-Bridged Triiron Complexes †
  28. Deprotonation Pathway in the Reaction of Me 6 Si 2 with MeLi
  29. Reactions of [Pt2(μ-S)2(PPh3)4] with Group 6 and 7 metal carbonyls; crystal structure of the apparently unsaturated heterometallic complex [Pt2Re(μ3-S)2(PPh3)4(CO)3]+
  30. Rhenium(I) methoxo carbonyl complexes containing tetraphosphine or triphosphine ligands; facile separation and X-ray crystallographic studies of d/l- and meso-[{Re2(μ-OMe)2(CO)6}2(μ,μ′-1,1,4,7,10,10-hexaphenyl-1,4,7,10-tetra-phosphadecane)]
  31. MeLi Reactions with the Electrophile System of (η 5 -C 5 H 5 )Fe(CO) 2 I/P(OMe) 3 :  The Roles of MeLi as Reductant, Nucleophile, and Base
  32. Anion-induced migration reaction of acetylide from iron to cyclopentadienyl in (cyclopentadienyl)irondicarbonyl(acetylide) complexes
  33. Ring Opening of (Spiro[2.4]hepta-4,6-diene)tricarbonyliron:  A Revisit
  34. Controlled Acidolysis of Hexacarbonyltris(μ-alkoxo)dirhenium(I) Anions:  Facile Synthesis of Hexacarbonylbis(μ-alkoxo)- [μ-1,1‘-bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene]dirhenium(I) Complexes and Nonacarbonyltris(μ-methoxo)(μ 3 -methoxo)trirhenium(I)
  35. Synthesis and characterization of dinuclear p-, m- and o-xylyl bridged complexes of molybdenum and tungsten. The crystal structures of μ-p-xylyl- bis(η5-pentamethyl-cyclopentadienyltri- carbonylmolybdenum) and μ-m-xylyl-bis(η5- pentamethylcyclopentadie...
  36. Amine-oxide-mediated reactions of Re2(CO)10 with phenol and aliphatic alcohols: The formation of Re3(CO)14(μ-H) and a hydroxo-methoxo trirhenium aggregate [Me3NH]+[Re3(CO)9(μ-OH)2(μ-OMe)(μ3-OMe)]−
  37. Synthesis and Characterization of Sulfur-Ylide Complexes of Gold(I). Observance of Intermolecular Gold(I)−Gold(I) Interactions in Solution
  38. Synthesis and characterization of bis(triphenylphosphine)(ketone)copper and bis(triphenylphosphine)bis(ketone)copper complexes; crystal structure of bis(triphenylphosphine)bis(phenalenone)copper tetrafluoroborate
  39. Neighboring Metal-Induced Oxidative Addition in Conjunction with a Hydride Trap:  Formation of [(η 5 -MeC 5 H 4 )Fe(CO)(μ-η 1 :η 1 -PPh 2 CH 2 PPh 2 )(μ-H)M(CO) 4 ] (M = W, Mo)
  40. The reaction of CpFe(CO)2X(X  Cl, Br, I) with phosphines catalyzed by [CpFe(CO)2]2: evidence for an electron transfer chain catalysis mechanism
  41. Synthesis and characterization of dinuclear m- and o-xylene bridged complexes of cyclopentadienyltricarbonylmolybdenum and their derivatives. The crystal structure of bis(methylcyclopentadienyltricarbonylmolybdenum) -α,α′-μ-o-xylene
  42. Substituted Metal Carbonyls. 27. 1 Synthesis, Structures, and Metal−Metal Bonding of a Ferrocenylphosphine exo -Bridged Cluster with Two Heterometallic Triangles, [AuMn 2 (CO) 8 (μ-PPh 2 )] 2 (μ-dppf), and a Twisted-Bowtie Cluster, PPN + [Au{Mn 2 (CO)...
  43. Consecutive Butylations on the Cyclopentadienyl Ring of the [(η 5 -C 5 H 5 )Fe(CO) 2 PPh 3 ] + Cation
  44. Reactions of 1-Hydroxypyridine-2-thione with Triosmium Clusters. Preparation and Transformation of N -Oxide-Containing Osmium Complexes
  45. Substituted Metal Carbonyls. 26. 1 One-Step Synthesis, Structures, NMR, and Dynamic Laser-Light Scattering of Re 2 (μ-OMe) 2 [μ-Ph 2 P(CH 2 ) n PPh 2 ](CO) 6 ( n = 1−4)
  46. A quinol and steroids from the leaves and stems of Rhinacanthus nasutus
  47. Synthesis of heterobimetallic complexes from (.eta.4-MeC5H5)Fe(CO)2(.eta.1-PPh2CH2PPh2)
  48. Molecular structures of 1,1′bis(diphenylphosphino) ferrocene oxide and sulphide and their thermal properties
  49. Synthesis of Half-Sandwich Iron Carboxyalkyls and Iron (Thiocarboxy)alkyls: Reaction of Cyclopentadienyldicarbonyliodoiron with O- and S-Based Nucleophiles in the Presence of Triphenylphosphine
  50. Synthesis and X-ray Structure of [(.eta.5-C5H5)Fe(CO)C(O)Me](.mu.-.eta.1:.eta.1-dppe)[(.eta.4-exo-MeC5H5)Fe(CO)2]
  51. Cyclopentadienyldicarbonyliron Halides as Electrophiles: Reactions of (.eta.5-C5H5)Fe(CO)2I with MeLi in the Presence of Monophosphines and Diphosphines
  52. Crystallographic disorder of carbonyl, propyl isocyanide and acetonitrile groups in the structures of Os3(CO)10(CNR)(NCMe)
  53. Cyclopentadienyldicarbonyliron Halides as Electrophiles: Reactions of (.eta.5-C5H5)Fe(CO)2X with RLi in the Presence of PPh3 To Produce (.eta.4-exo-RC5H5)Fe(CO)2(PPh3) and Preparation of [(.eta.5-C5H5)Fe(CO)C(O)Me](.mu.,.eta.1,.eta.1-dppf)[(.eta.4-exo-...
  54. Substituted metal carbonyls. Part 25: Unidentate, intramolecular, and intermolecular bridging modes of 1,1?-bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene inM 3S2(CO)9 (M = Fe, Ru) cluster derivatives
  55. W(.eta.4-C4Ph4)(.eta.4-C4Ph4H)(.eta.2-CH3C(O)NH): a compound containing .eta.2(3e)-acetamido, .eta.4(4e)-cyclobutadiene, and .eta.4(5e)-butadienyl ligands
  56. A structural study on bis{trans-[bis(diphenylphosphino)ethylene]}tricarbonyliron(0) and cis-[bis(diphenylphosphino)ethylene]-tricarbonyliron(0)
  57. Substituted metal carbonyls
  58. 5-Substituted 1,3,4-oxathiazol-2-ones as a sulfur source for a sulfido cluster: synthesis and molecular structure of the 48-electron equilateral triangular manganese cluster anion [Mn3(.mu.3-S)2(CO)9]-
  59. Preparation and structure studies of monomeric and dimeric [bis(diphenylphosphino)pentane]tricarbonyliron(0)
  60. Preparation and crystal structures of iron complexes syn-[(.mu.-SPh)Fe(CO)3]2, (C5H4SPh)2Fe, (C5H5)Fe(C5H4SPh), and (C5H4SPh)Fe(C5H4PPh2)
  61. Unprecedented examples of imido-ligand-assisted alkenyl migration and dissociative intermetallic phosphine migration
  62. Syntheses and molecular structures of an unusual cyclic tetrameric organometallic complex, [(CH3)2Al[.mu.-N(iso-C3H7)2]2Mg(CH3)]4, containing tricoordinate magnesiums, and a linear dimer, [(CH3)2Al[.mu.-N(C2H5)2]2Mg(CH3)]2, containing tetracoordinate m...
  63. Synthesis of bi- and tetranuclear sulfur ylide complexes of gold(I) by phase-transfer-catalysis techniques
  64. Alkyne-alkyne coupling with W(PhC.tplbond.CPh)3(CO). Crystal structure of W(.eta.4-C4Ph4)(PhC.tplbond.CPh)2(CO)
  65. Attack of N-nucleophile on a coordinated carbonyl ligand: structures of (7-azabenzonorbornadiene)tetracarbonyliron derivatives
  66. Synthesis and characterization of Group IV metal-iron complexes bridged by carboxylate substituted cyclopentadienyl group. The structure of Cp2Ti[(μ-O2CC5H4)Fe(CO)2(CH2C6H5)]2
  67. Methoxylation of the Re–Re bond in [Re2(CO)10] by methanol under ambient conditions
  68. Metal acetylide CpW(CO)3C.tplbond.CPh and hydride CpW(CO)3H complexes as building blocks to prepare tungsten-ruthenium heterometallic clusters. Synthesis, characterization, and crystal structure of CpWRu3(CO)9(.mu.3-COMe)(C:CHPh), Cp2W2Ru3(CO)9[CC(Ph)C...
  69. Reactions between transition-metal alkynyl complexes and nucleophiles: syntheses and crystal structures of [Fe2(CO)(.mu.-CO){.mu.-.eta.3(.sigma.)-C(O)C2(CH3)[C(O)R]}(.eta.5-C5H5)(.eta.5-C5(R')5)] (R = CH3, C6H5, n-C4H9; R' = H, CH3)
  70. Synthesis of a novel bidentate complex of η5-C5H4CH2CH(CH3n(CO)2
  71. Phase-transfer catalyzed base hydrolysis of Pt(Ph2PCH2PPh2)Cl2. Synthesis and crystal structure of the trinuclear compound [Pt3(μ3-O)(μ-η2-PPh2O)3((PPh2Me)3]PF6·CHCL3
  72. Substituted metal carbonyls XV. Crystal and molecular structures of two isomorphous singly diphosphine-bridged complexes (OC)5M(μ-dppf)M(CO)5·CH2Cl2 (M = Cr, Mo; dppf = (Ph2PC5H4)2Fe)
  73. Synthesis and structure of heterometallic cluster complexes. Reaction of imido complex LWRu2(CO)8(μ-H)(μ3-NPh), L = CP and Cp★, with the tungsten acetylide complex CpW(CO)3CCPh
  74. Iron-promoted nitrene-extrusion reactions in 7-azanorbornadiene derivatives
  75. Mixed sulphur and phosphorus ylide complexes of palladium formed by phase-transfer catalysis. X-Ray crystal structure of [Pd{(CH2)2S(O)Me}{Ph2PCH2PPh2CHC(O)Ph}]I·CH2Cl2·H...
  76. Novel thermal decarbonylative dimerization of 1,2,3,4,5,6-hexahydrobenzo [1,2;4,5]dicyclobutene-3,6-dione
  77. On the non-isostructures of M(CO)2(CH3CN)2(NO)(Sn(C6H5)3) (M = W, Cr)
  78. Studies of the synthesis, structure, and reactivity of a tetranuclear mixed-metal imido cluster, (η5-C5H5)WRu3(CO)9(µ-NPh)(CCPh)
  79. Sensitized photocyclodimerization of αβ-unsaturated cyclic sulfones. Crystal structural analyses of the photodimers of 2-sulfolene and thia-2-cyclohexene-1,1-dioxide.
  80. Synthesis of binuclear metal complexes incorporating hydrido and phosphido ligands and structural characterization of [Et4N][(.mu.-PPh2)(.mu.-.eta.2-(Ph3PAu)2)W2(CO)8]
  81. Ligand substitution of [M(SnPh3)(MeCN)2(CO)2(NO)](M = Cr or W) and crystal structure of [Cr(SnPh3)(MeCN){P(OMe)3}(CO)2(NO)]
  82. Molybdenum-mediated dimerization of norbornadiene and derivatives
  83. Synthesis and Structure of 6-Phenylcyclophosphamides
  84. The synthesis and characterization of bis(norbornadiene)dicarbonylmolybdenum. An intermediate of the metal-assisted dimerization of norbornadiene
  85. A stereospecific dimerization of norbornadiene derivatives and the crystal structure of heptacyclo[,6.03,13.04,11.05,9.010,14]tetradecane
  86. Synthesis and Structure of 5-Phenylcyclophosphamides
  87. Tetradentate 14-membered tert-phosphino-containing macrocycles
  88. Synthese und Röntgenstrukturanalyse eines Naphthalinpentoxids
  89. Synthesis and Structure Analysis of a Naphthalene Pentoxide