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  1. Examining Climate and Culture in Audit Firms: Insights, Practice Implications, and Future Research Directions
  2. Integrating technology and data analytic skills into the accounting curriculum: Accounting department leaders’ experiences and insights
  3. If Eyes are the Window to Our Soul, What Role does Eye-Tracking Play in Accounting Research?
  4. Delivering the “tough message”: Moderators of subordinate auditors’ reactions to feedback
  5. An Examination of the Interactive Effect of Feedback Source and Sign in the Offshoring Environment
  6. Sprandel, Inc.: Electronic Workpapers, Audit Documentation, and Closing Review Notes in the Audit of Accounts Receivable
  7. Fraud Risk Brainstorming at Tesla Motors
  8. Auditors attributions and emotions following audit review
  9. Writing a literature review in Behavioural Accounting Research
  10. Performance feedback in the audit environment: A review and synthesis of research on the behavioral effects