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  1. Facilitators to Accessibility of HIV/AIDS-Related Health Services among Transgender Women Living with HIV in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  2. The socio-economic impacts of AIDS on families caring for AIDS-orphaned children in Mbeya rural district, Tanzania
  3. Inequalities in addressing the HIV epidemic: the story of the Indonesian Ojek community
  4. HIV Positive Patients’ Experiences on Receiving an HIV Positive Test: An Iranian – Qualitative Study
  5. The role of information technology in strengthening human resources for health
  6. Family planning services in Sri Lanka: Clients’ nonmedical expectations and the health systems responsiveness
  7. End-of-life experiences and expectations of Africans in Australia
  8. The Curse of Lymphatic Filariasis: Would the Continual Use of Diethylcarbamazine Eliminate this Scourge in Papua New Guinea?
  9. Health Workforce Crisis: Recruitment and Retention of Skilled Health Workers in the Public Health Sector in Malaysia
  10. Empowerment as a tool for a healthy resettlement: a case of new African settlers in South Australia
  11. Food supply and the obesity scourge: Is there a relationship?
  12. MLVA and Phage Typing as Complementary Tools in the Epidemiological Investigation of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium Clusters
  13. Falls in the elderly: challenges and opportunities in the rural settings: the Whyalla case. Preliminary report
  14. School and anaemia prevention: current reality and opportunities--a Tanzanian case study
  15. Anaemia in schoolchildren in eight countries in Africa and Asia
  16. Alternatives to bodyweight for estimating the dose of praziquantel needed to treat schistosomiasis
  17. Implications for school‐based health programmes of age and gender patterns in the Tanzanian primary school