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  1. Pressure-induced ferroelectric and electronic transitions in two-dimensional ferroelectric semiconductor of NbOCl2 up to 41.7 GPa
  2. Characterization of the pressure-induced phase transition of metallization for MoTe2 under hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic conditions
  3. Characterization of metallization and amorphization for GaP under different hydrostatic environments in diamond anvil cell up to 40.0 GPa
  4. Pressure-induced phase transitions of ZnSe under different pressure environments
  5. Pressure-induced phase transitions for goethite investigated by Raman spectroscopy and electrical conductivity
  6. High–pressure electrical conductivity and Raman spectroscopy of chalcanthite
  7. Electrical conductivity of mudstone (before and after dehydration at high P-T) and a test of high conductivity layers in the crust
  8. Influence of dehydration on the electrical conductivity of epidote and implications for high-conductivity anomalies in subduction zones
  9. Influence of temperature, pressure, and oxygen fugacity on the electrical conductivity of dry eclogite, and geophysical implications