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  1. Two blocking high pressures simultaneously extended into the Arctic caused a strong cold surge
  2. Isotopic evidence for twentieth-century weakening of the Pacific Walker circulation
  3. Summer ozone variation derived from FY3/TOU satellite data and impacts of East Asian summer monsoon
  4. Preferred solar signal and its transfer in the Asian–Pacific subtropical jet region
  5. Advances of Impact of Solar Ultraviolet Radiation on the Winter Climate of East Asia
  6. Binary mesovortex structure associated with southwest vortex
  7. Solar activity and climate change
  8. Amplification of the solar signal in the summer monsoon rainband in China by synergistic actions of different dynamical responses
  9. The response of winter Pacific North American pattern to strong volcanic eruptions
  10. A stable snow–atmosphere coupled mode
  11. The 11-year Solar cycle may modulate the monsoon rainband in East Asia
  12. The preliminary analysis of sunshine durations with meteorological data for the Chinese Giant Solar Telescope site survey
  13. Statistical tests for a correlation between decadal variation in June precipitation in China and sunspot number
  14. Solar Cycle Signature in Decadal Variability of Monsoon Precipitation in China