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  1. High Thermoelectric Performance of p-Type SnTe via a Synergistic Band Engineering and Nanostructuring Approach
  2. Ultralow thermal conductivity and high thermoelectric figure of merit in SnSe crystals
  3. ChemInform Abstract: LiPbSb3S6: A Semiconducting Sulfosalt with Very Low Thermal Conductivity.
  4. Theoretical Prediction and Experimental Confirmation of Unusual Ternary Ordered Semiconductor Compounds in Sr–Pb–S System
  5. LiPbSb3S6: A Semiconducting Sulfosalt with Very Low Thermal Conductivity
  6. The panoscopic approach to high performance thermoelectrics
  7. The roles of Na doping in BiCuSeO oxyselenides as a thermoelectric material
  8. The phase stability and thermophysical properties of InFeO3(ZnO)m (m=2, 3, 4, 5)
  9. BiCuSeO oxyselenides: new promising thermoelectric materials
  11. Photoconductivity in Tl6SI4: A Novel Semiconductor for Hard Radiation Detection
  12. Direct synthesis of BiCuChO-type oxychalcogenides by mechanical alloying
  13. Superconductivity and mechanical properties for LaFe1-xZnxAsO0.85F0.15
  14. CsCdInQ3 (Q = Se, Te): New Photoconductive Compounds As Potential Materials for Hard Radiation Detection
  15. High Thermoelectric Performance via Hierarchical Compositionally Alloyed Nanostructures
  16. High thermoelectric performance of oxyselenides: intrinsically low thermal conductivity of Ca-doped BiCuSeO
  17. High-Performance Tellurium-Free Thermoelectrics: All-Scale Hierarchical Structuring of p-Type PbSe–MSe Systems (M = Ca, Sr, Ba)
  18. Role of Sodium Doping in Lead Chalcogenide Thermoelectrics
  19. ChemInform Abstract: CsHgInS3: A New Quaternary Semiconductor for γ‐Ray Detection.
  20. Thermoelectric properties of Mg doped p-type BiCuSeO oxyselenides
  21. Influence of Pb doping on the electrical transport properties of BiCuSeO
  22. High thermoelectric performance in n-type BiAgSeS due to intrinsically low thermal conductivity
  23. Enhanced thermoelectric performance of a BiCuSeO system via band gap tuning
  24. Texturation boosts the thermoelectric performance of BiCuSeO oxyselenides
  25. Influence of Te substitution on the structural and electronic properties of thermoelectric BiCuSeO
  26. CsHgInS3: a New Quaternary Semiconductor for γ-ray Detection
  27. Morphology Control of Nanostructures: Na-Doped PbTe–PbS System
  28. Raising the Thermoelectric Performance of p-Type PbS with Endotaxial Nanostructuring and Valence-Band Offset Engineering Using CdS and ZnS
  29. Low temperature transport properties of the BiCuSeO system
  30. Structural and Electronic Transport Properties in Sr-Doped BiCuSeO
  31. Strong Phonon Scattering by Layer Structured PbSnS2 in PbTe Based Thermoelectric Materials
  32. Crystal Growth and Characterization of the X-ray and γ-ray Detector Material Cs2Hg6S7
  33. Thermoelectrics with Earth Abundant Elements: High Performance p-type PbS Nanostructured with SrS and CaS
  34. Tellurium‐Free Thermoelectric: The Anisotropic n‐Type Semiconductor Bi2S3
  35. Remarkable Enhancement in Thermoelectric Performance of BiCuSeO by Cu Deficiencies
  36. Polycrystalline BiCuSeO oxide as a potential thermoelectric material
  37. A high thermoelectric figure of merit ZT > 1 in Ba heavily doped BiCuSeO oxyselenides
  38. High Performance Thermoelectrics from Earth-Abundant Materials: Enhanced Figure of Merit in PbS by Second Phase Nanostructures
  39. Remarkable Enhancement in Thermoelectric Performance of BiCuSeO by Cu Deficiencies
  40. InFeZnO4 as Promising Thermal Barrier Coatings
  41. ChemInform Abstract: Electrical Transport Properties of F-Doped LaFeAsO Oxypnictide.
  42. High-performance nanostructured thermoelectric materials
  43. Electrical transport properties of F-doped LaFeAsO oxypnictide
  44. Bi 1 − x Sr x CuSeO oxyselenides as promising thermoelectric materials
  45. Effects of Co doping on the transport properties and superconductivity in CeFe1 −xCoxAsO
  46. Electronic phase diagram of NdFe 1 − x Rh x AsO
  47. Superconductivity at 15K in NdFe0.9Rh0.1AsO without F-doping
  48. Effect of mixed grain sizes on thermoelectric performance of Bi2Te3 compound
  49. Improvement of Thermoelectric Performance of CoSb3−xTex Skutterudite Compounds by Additional Substitution of IVB-Group Elements for Sb
  50. Enhanced thermoelectric properties of bismuth sulfide polycrystals prepared by mechanical alloying and spark plasma sintering
  51. Enhanced thermoelectric property originating from additional carrier pocket in skutterudite compounds
  52. Thermoelectric and mechanical properties of nano-SiC-dispersed Bi2Te3 fabricated by mechanical alloying and spark plasma sintering
  53. Enhanced thermoelectric and mechanical properties in textured n-type Bi2Te3 prepared by spark plasma sintering
  54. Enhanced thermoelectric properties in CoSb3-xTex alloys prepared by mechanical alloying and spark plasma sintering
  55. Effects of Sb compensation on microstructure, thermoelectric properties and point defect of CoSb3compound
  56. Thermoelectric property of fine-grained CoSb3skutterudite compound fabricated by mechanical alloying and spark plasma sintering