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  1. Attributions for Atheism: Perceptions that Atheism is a Choice are Associated with Prejudice against Atheists among Christians, but Not Jews or Nonbelievers
  2. Creating Clever Internet Memes Perpetuates Offensiveness
  3. Acknowledging the Elephant in the Room
  4. Why are there so few ethnic minorities in ecology and evolutionary biology? Challenges to inclusion and the role of sense of belonging
  5. Caste at work: study of factors influencing attitudes toward affirmative action in India
  6. Testing the effects of a role model intervention on women’s STEM outcomes
  7. The impact of an intervention to improve women's GPAs in college STEM courses depended on ethnicity
  8. Empathy versus evidence: Does perspective-taking for a discrimination claimant bias judgments of institutional sexism?
  9. Pick your perspective: Racial group membership and judgments of intent, harm, and discrimination
  10. Gender equality, value violations, and prejudice toward Muslims
  11. Improving Girls’ Sense of Fit in Science
  12. Understanding Perceptions of Racism in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: The Roles of System and Group Justification
  13. Confronting Sexism: Exploring the Effect of Nonsexist Credentials on the Costs of Target Confrontations
  14. The threat of sexism in a STEM educational setting: the moderating impacts of ethnicity and legitimacy beliefs on test performance
  15. Ethnic variation in gender-STEM stereotypes and STEM participation: An intersectional approach.
  16. Not the Sum of Its Parts: Decomposing Implicit Academic Stereotypes to Understand Sense of Fit in Math and English
  17. Prototypes of Discrimination: How Status Asymmetry and Stereotype Asymmetry Affect Judgments of Racial Discrimination
  18. Evaluations of White American versus Black American discrimination claimants' political views and prejudicial attitudes
  19. Why did you choose that person over me? Ingroup rejection and attributions to discrimination
  20. Gender Differences in Entitlement: The Role of System-Justifying Beliefs
  21. Responding to sex-based discrimination: Gender differences in perceived discrimination and implications for legal decision making
  22. Perceptions of Racism in Hurricane Katrina-Related Events: Implications for Collective Guilt and Mental Health Among White Americans
  23. System-justifying ideologies and academic outcomes among first-year Latino college students.
  24. White Americans' opposition to affirmative action: Group interest and the harm to beneficiaries objection
  25. But I'm No Bigot: How Prejudiced White Americans Maintain Unprejudiced Self-Images
  26. Understanding White Americans' Perceptions of Racism in Hurricane Katrina-Related Events
  27. The ironic consequences of Obama’s election: Decreased support for social justice
  28. How status and stereotypes impact attributions to discrimination: The stereotype-asymmetry hypothesis
  29. Perceived discrimination as worldview threat or worldview confirmation: Implications for self-esteem.
  30. Perceptions of Racism in Hurricane Katrina: A Liberation Psychology Analysis
  31. The effect of self-affirmation on perception of racism
  32. Memory Performance of Late Middle–Aged Adults: Contrasting Self–Stereotyping and Stereotype Threat Accounts of Assimilation to Age Stereotypes
  33. System-Justifying Beliefs and Psychological Well-Being: The Roles of Group Status and Identity
  34. Perceiving Self-Interest: Power, Ideology, and Maintenance of the Status Quo
  35. The Social Psychology of Stigma
  36. Stereotype Threat and Arousal: Effects on Women's Math Performance
  37. Using the implicit association test to measure age differences in implicit social cognitions.