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  1. Practical lessons from the use of the Scenario Exploration System, an accessible foresight tool.
  2. Foresight – Using Science and Evidence to Anticipate and Shape the Future
  3. Food safety and nutrition – how to prepare for a challenging future? New approaches for using scenarios for policy-making
  4. Using Scenarios to Assess Policy Mixes for Resource Efficiency and Eco-Innovation in Different Fiscal Policy Frameworks
  5. Biotechnology for environmentally safe agriculture
  6. Thermodynamic modeling of the sorption of organic chemicals in thermoplastics and elastomers
  7. The Effect of Soils on the Permeation of Plastic Pipes by Organic Chemicals
  8. Permeation of Polybutylene Pipe and Gasket Material by Organic Chemicals
  9. Sequential vapor sorption of additional penetrants in preswollen polymers