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  1. Biodegradation of bromoxynil using the cascade enzymatic system nitrile hydratase/amidase from Microbacterium imperiale CBS 498-74. Comparison between free enzymes and resting cells
  2. Key-Study on the Kinetic Aspects of theIn SituNHase/AMase Cascade System ofM. imperialeResting Cells for Nitrile Bioconversion
  3. Inactivating effects of lignin-derived compounds released during lignocellulosic biomass pretreatment on the endo-glucanase catalyzed hydrolysis of carboxymethylcellulose: A study in continuous stirred ultrafiltration-membrane reactor
  4. Immobilised peroxidases from Asparagus acutifolius L. seeds for olive mill waste water treatment
  5. Nitrile, amide and temperature effects on amidase-kinetics during acrylonitrile bioconversion by nitrile-hydratase/amidase in situ cascade system
  6. Nicotinic acid bio-production by Microbacterium imperiale CBS 489-74: Effect of 3-cyanopyridine and temperature on amidase activity
  7. High-yield continuous production of nicotinic acid via nitrile hydratase–amidase cascade reactions using cascade CSMRs
  8. Application of continuous stirred membrane reactor to 3-cyanopyridine bioconversion using the nitrile hydratase–amidase cascade system of Microbacterium imperiale CBS 498-74
  9. Effect of Inhibitors Released during Steam-Explosion Treatment of Poplar Wood on Subsequent Enzymatic Hydrolysis and SSF
  10. Amidase-catalyzed production of nicotinic acid in batch and continuous stirred membrane reactors
  11. Use of a UF-membrane reactor for controlling selectively the nitrile hydratase–amidase system in Microbacterium imperiale CBS 498-74 resting cells
  12. Nitrile bioconversion by Microbacterium imperiale CBS 498-74 resting cells in batch and ultrafiltration membrane bioreactors
  13. Comparison of different detoxification methods for steam-exploded poplar wood as a substrate for the bioproduction of ethanol in SHF and SSF
  14. A study in UF-membrane reactor on activity and stability of nitrile hydratase from Microbacterium imperiale CBS 498-74 resting cells for propionamide production
  15. β-D-Fructofuranoside Fructohydrolase
  16. Biosaccharification of cellulosic biomass in immiscible solvent–water mixtures
  17. Stability in Organic Solvent Mixtures of beta-Glucosidase and beta-Fructofuranosidase as Dry Powder and Entrapped in Poly-HEMA
  18. Acrylamide production in an ultrafiltration-membrane bioreactor using cells of Brevibacterium imperialis CBS 489-74
  19. Selective water adsorption from aqueous ethanol-containing vapours by phillipsite-rich volcanic tuffs
  20. Disaccharide production by glucoamylase in aqueous ether mixtures
  21. Low Molecular Weight Organic Composition of Ethanol Stillage from Sugarcane Molasses, Citrus Waste, and Sweet Whey
  22. Synthetic zeolites as carrier for enzyme immobilization in laboratory-scale fixedbed columns
  23. Stability and activity of immobilized hydrolytic enzymes in two-liquid-phase systems: Acid phosphatase, β-glucosidase, and β-fructofuranosidase entrapped in poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) matrices
  24. Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose in Water-Immiscible Solvent Systems
  25. Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose in Water-Immiscible Solvent Systems
  26. Hydrolytic reactions in two-phase systems. Effect of water-immiscible organic solvents on stability and activity of acid phosphatase, β-glucosidase, and β-fructofuranosidase
  27. Product Inhibition Studies in Membrane Reactors
  28. Membrane reactors for the investigation of product inhibition of enzyme activity
  29. Sucrose bioconversion in membrane reactors
  30. Biological Upgrading of Wastes from Sucrose Processing
  31. Entrapping of acid phosphatase in poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) matrices: Preparation and kinetic properties
  32. Characterization of the ?-Glucosidase Activity Associated with Immobilized Cellulase of Aspergillus niger
  33. Immobilization of Acid Phosphatase in Poly-Hema Gels
  34. Entrapment of Enzymes and Cells in Poly (2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate) Supports
  35. UF-Membrane Bioreactors for Kinetics Characterization of Nitrile Hydratase–Amidase-Catalyzed Reactions: A Short Survey