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  1. Investigation of the mixed convection of power-law fluids between two horizontal concentric cylinders: Effect of various operating conditions
  2. Computational study of thermal buoyancy from two confined cylinders within a square enclosure wifth single inlet and outlet ports
  3. Natural Convection from Four Circular Cylinders in Across Arrangement within Horizontal Annular Space
  4. Buoyancy-driven flow in annular space from two circular cylinders in tandem arrangement
  5. Computational Analyses of Flow and Heat Transfer at 60° Position of 180° Curved Duct of Square Cross-Section
  6. Forced Convection Heat Transfer from a Pair of Circular Cylinders Confined in Ventilated Enclosure
  7. Effects of Inlet and Outlet Ports of Ventilated Square Cavity on Flow and Heat Transfer
  8. Numerical Investigation of Mixed Convection Heat Transfer in Steady Flow Past a Row of Three Square Cylinders
  9. 3D Simulation of Dean Vortices at 30° Position of 180° Curved Duct of Square Cross-Section under Opposing Buoyancy
  10. The Effect of Blockage Ratio on Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer around a Confined Square Cylinder under the Effect Thermal Buoyancy
  11. Mixed Convection Heat Transfer around a Tandem Circular Cylinders in Incompressible Downward Flow
  12. The Effect of Reynolds and Prandtl Number on Flow inside of Plan Channel of Waved Bottom Wall under Mixed Convection
  13. Non-Newtonian Power-Law Flows around Circular Cylinder under Aiding/Opposing Thermal Buoyancy
  14. Mixed Convection Heat Transfer from a Heated Square Cylinder Immersed in Upward Flow of Power-Law Fluids
  15. Numerical Investigation of Power-Law Fluid Flows and Heat Transfer inside of Curved Duct under Aiding Thermal Buoyancy
  16. Mixed Convection Heat Transfer of Shear-Thinning Fluids around Confined Square Cylinder at Low Reynolds Number
  17. Effect of opposing buoyancy on two-dimensional laminar flow and heat transfer across a confined circular cylinder
  18. The Effects of Aiding and Opposing Thermal Buoyancy on Downward Flow around a Confined Circular Cylinder
  19. Mixed convection heat transfer from confined tandem circular cylinders in cross-flow at low Reynolds number
  20. The Flow and Mixed Convection around Tandem Circular Cylinders at Low Reynolds Number
  21. Simulation of Non Newtonian Power-Law Fluid Flows and Mixed Convection Heat Transfer inside of Curved Duct
  22. Suppression of flow separation of power-law fluids flow around a confined circular cylinder by superimposed thermal buoyancy
  23. The Effect of Asymmetrically Confined Circular Cylinder and Opposing Buoyancy on Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
  24. Mixed convection in poiseuille fluid from an asymmetrically confined heated circular cylinder