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  1. Reconstructing the invasion history of a spreading, non-native, tropical tree through a snapshot of current distribution, sizes, and growth rates
  2. Dipteran larvae and microbes facilitate nutrient sequestration in the Nepenthes gracilis pitcher plant host
  3. Dipterocarp seed production and survival in Singapore
  4. Comparing germination success and seedling traits between exotic and native pioneers: Cecropia pachystachya versus Macaranga gigantea
  5. Disregarding human pre-introduction selection can confound invasive crayfish risk assessments
  6. Mitigating the impact of oil-palm monoculture on freshwater fishes in Southeast Asia
  7. Moving Away from Paper Corridors in Southeast Asia
  8. Not all green is as good: Different effects of the natural and cultivated components of urban vegetation on bird and butterfly diversity
  9. Leaf litter depth as an important factor inhibiting seedling establishment of an exotic palm in tropical secondary forest patches
  10. Herbarium records do not predict rediscovery of presumed nationally extinct species
  11. Rethinking the ‘back to wilderness’ concept for Sundaland’s forests
  12. Towards a global database of weed risk assessments: a test of transferability for the tropics