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  1. Can fish sampling protocol (CEN, 2005) be amended for Mediterranean lakes?
  2. Economics of marine ecosystem conservation
  3. Mean temperature of the catch (MTC) in the Greek Seas based on landings and survey data
  4. Mean temperature of the catch increases quickly in the Mediterranean Sea
  5. Trophodynamics in marine ecology: 70 years after Lindeman
  7. Global university reputation and rankings: insights from culturomics
  8. Global university rankings uncovered: introduction
  9. Shift in Trophic Level of Mediterranean Mariculture Species
  10. Size at maturity of Mediterranean marine fishes
  11. Estimation of growth parameters from published data for several Mediterranean fishes
  12. Overlooked impacts and challenges of the new European discard ban
  13. Feeding and ecomorphology of three clupeoids in the N Aegean Sea
  14. Parallels in economic and ecosystem crises
  15. Editorial Note on Reproductive Biology of Fishes
  16. Toward an ecosystem approach to fisheries in the Mediterranean Sea: Multi-gear/multi-species implications from an ecosystem model of the Greek Ionian Sea
  17. Assessing the state of Greek marine fisheries resources
  18. What drives marine fisheries production?
  19. Editorial Note on Weight–Length Relations of Fishes
  20. Mouth Allometry and Feeding Habits of Some Mediterranean Fishes
  21. Fishing down, fishing through and fishing up: fundamental process versus technical details
  22. Gut length for several marine fish: relationships with body length and trophic implications
  23. Intestine Morphometrics of Fishes: A Compilation and Analysis of Bibliographic Data
  24. Spawning period of Mediterranean marine fishes
  25. Farming up Mediterranean Food Webs
  26. Trophic level of fishes caught by trawls in Thracian Sea
  27. Trammel net catch species composition, catch rates and métiers in southern European waters: A multivariate approach
  28. Size selectivity of trammel nets in southern European small-scale fisheries
  29. The implications of increasing variability of fish landings
  30. Edad y crecimiento de la Alacha (Sardinella aurita) en el Mediterráneo noreste
  31. Time-Lagged Scientific Dialogues
  32. Bridging the gap between aquatic and terrestrial ecology
  33. Politics and socio-economics of ecosystem-based management of marine resources
  34. Body size overlap in industrial and artisanal fisheries for five commercial fish species in the Mediterranean Sea
  35. Perspectives on ecosystem-based approaches to the management of marine resources
  36. Cuantificando el papel de artes estáticos en competencia: selectividad comparada de palangres y redes en enmalle en una pesquería multiespecífica en el Argarve (sur de Portugal)
  37. Modelling and forecasting monthly swordfish catches in the Eastern Mediterranean
  38. Trends in various biological parameters of the European sardine, Sardina pilchardus (Walbaum, 1792), in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
  39. Can we define target species in Mediterranean trawl fisheries?
  40. Length–girth relationships for several marine fishes
  41. Book review: Daniel Pauly and Jay MaClean, In a Perfect Ocean ? The State of Fisheries and Ecosystems in?the North Atlantic Ocean. Island Press (Washington/Covelo/London), 2003. $25 pbk (175 pages, 28 figures in color) ISBN 1-55963-324-7
  42. Comparative fixed gear studies in the Cyclades (Aegean Sea): size selectivity of small-hook longlines and monofilament gill nets
  43. Gill net and longlines fisheries in Cyclades waters (Aegean Sea): species composition and gear competition
  44. Life-history patterns of fishes in the Hellenic Seas
  45. Biology and fisheries of eastern Mediterranean hake (M. merluccius)
  46. Time Series Compared Across the Land-Sea Gradient
  47. Gill net selectivity for Diplodus annularis and Mullus surmuletus in Greek waters
  48. Weight-length relationships for 33 fish species in Greek waters
  49. A spatial analysis of the commercial fisheries catches from the Greek Aegean Sea
  50. Time Series Compared Across the Land-Sea Gradient
  51. Possible implications of climatic variability on the presence of capelin (Mallotus villosus) off the Norwegian coast
  52. Describing and forecasting the sardine-anchovy complex in the eastern Mediterranean using Vector AutoRegressions
  53. Prediction of the Mullidae fishery in the eastern Mediterranean 24 months in advance
  54. Assessment of the state and management of the cephalopod trawl fishery resources in Greek waters
  55. On the factors affecting the abundance and distribution of the red bandfish(Cepola macrophthalma)in the Western coast of Greece (Patraikos, Korinthiakos Gulfs and Ionian Sea)
  56. Fishing down food webs
  57. Assessment and Management of Data-Poor Fisheries