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  1. Hierarchical Framework for Space Exploration Campaign Schedule Optimization
  2. Orbital Facility Location Problem for Satellite Constellation Servicing Depots
  3. Modeling and Optimization for Space Logistics Operations: Review of State of the Art
  4. Optimization of Lunar-Based Radar Networks Via a Multi-Disciplinary Analysis and Optimization (MDAO) Approach
  5. Optimization of Multi-Mission Space Exploration Campaign Schedules Subject to Stochastic Launch Delay
  6. Optimal Predictive Guidance for Autonomous Hazard Detection and Avoidance
  7. Simultaneous Sizing of a Rocket Family with Embedded Trajectory Optimization
  8. Analytical Model for Sparing Policy Analysis and Optimization for Space Habitat Operations
  9. Bayesian Deep Learning for Segmentation for Autonomous Safe Planetary Landing
  10. Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Approach to Integrated Space Mission Planning and Spacecraft Design
  11. Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Framework for Stochastic Spaceflight Campaign Design
  12. Robustness Assessment of Low-Thrust Trajectory via Sequentially Truncated Sims-Flanagan Problems
  13. Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Approach to Integrated Space Mission Planning and Spacecraft Design
  14. Space Exploration Architecture and Design Framework for Commercialization
  15. Spacecraft trajectory tracking and parameter estimation around a splitting contact binary asteroid
  16. Integrated in-situ resource utilization system design and logistics for Mars exploration
  17. Optimizing Satellite Constellation Spare Strategy from a Logistics Perspective
  18. Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Framework for Space Exploration Campaign Design
  19. Multi-Fidelity Space Mission Planning and Space Infrastructure Design Framework for Space Resource Logistics
  20. Commercial lunar propellant architecture: A collaborative study of lunar propellant production
  21. An Efficient Low-Thrust, Low-Energy Trajectory Design Method in Cislunar Space
  22. Staged-Deployment Design for Resilient Expansion Planning of Large Scale Complex Systems
  23. Space Transportation System and Mission Planning for Regular Interplanetary Missions
  24. Optimization of satellite constellation deployment strategy considering uncertain areas of interest
  25. Analytical Optimization Method for Space Logistics
  26. Impact Evaluation of In-Space Additive Manufacturing and Recycling Technologies for On-Orbit Servicing
  27. Multi-Actor Value Modeling for Federated Systems
  28. Optimization of In-Space Supply Chain Design Using High-Thrust and Low-Thrust Propulsion Technologies
  29. Earth-Mars transfers through Moon Distant Retrograde Orbits
  30. Information-Theoretic Target Search for Space Situational Awareness
  31. Multi-Mission Space Campaign Design
  32. Analytical model of Space Infrastructure Staged Deployment Strategy in Space Logistics
  33. Built-in Flexibility for Space Logistics Mission Planning and Spacecraft Design
  34. Impact Evaluation of In-Space Additive Manufacturing on Modularized Geostationary Platforms
  35. Space Transportation System and Infrastructure Design for Regular Interplanetary Cargo Missions
  36. Value of Bootstrapping Staged Deployment of Infrastructure: Case Study in Space Infrastructure Deployment
  37. Quantification of the responsiveness of on-orbit servicing infrastructure for modularized earth-orbiting platforms
  38. Development of miniature robotic manipulators to enable SmallSat clusters
  39. Quantification of the Responsiveness of On-Orbit Servicing Infrastructure for Modularized Earth-Orbiting Platforms
  40. Integrated Space Mission Planning and In-Orbit Infrastructure Design with Mixed-Integer Programming
  41. Campaign-level Mission Planning with Integrated Trajectory Design and Propulsion Technology Trades
  42. Campaign-level dynamic network modelling for spaceflight logistics for the flexible path concept
  43. Bounding the value of collaboration in federated systems
  44. An independent assessment of the technical feasibility of the Mars One mission plan – Updated analysis
  45. Dynamic modeling and optimization for space logistics using time-expanded networks
  46. On-orbit depot architectures using contingency propellant
  47. Dynamic Network Modeling for Spaceflight Logistics
  48. Concurrent Design of Scientific Crewed Space Habitats and Their Supporting Logistics System
  49. Improved Concurrent Optimization Formulation of Crewed Space Habitats and Their Supporting Logistics Systems
  50. Disturbance Torque Compensation of the BepiColombo Spacecraft during Interplanetary Cruise Flight using Solar Sailing Effect
  51. Integrated Framework for the Design of Crewed Space Habitats and their Supporting Logistics System
  52. A survey of algorithms for star identification with low-cost star trackers
  53. Novel Star Identification Method Combining Two Star Trackers with Extended FOVs
  54. Novel star identification algorithm utilizing images of two star trackers
  55. New Star Identification Algorithm for Multiple Star Trackers with Unequal Qualities