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  1. Convection in Nanofluid-Filled Porous Cavity with Heat Absorption/Generation and Radiation
  2. MHD boundary layer flow and heat transfer in an inclined porous square cavity filled with nanofluids
  3. MHD Mixed Convection Non-Darcy Porous Medium Saturated with a Nanofluid Under the Influence Radiation
  4. Magneto-hydrodynamic mixed convection of a non-Newtonian power-law nanofluid past a moving vertical plate with variable density
  5. Effects of MHD and Thermal Radiation of Nanofluid Over a Non-Linear Stretching Isothermal Permeable Sheet with Transpiration
  6. Finite element analysis of natural convective heat transfer in a porous square cavity filled with nanofluids in the presence of thermal radiation
  7. Soret and Dufour effects on free convective heat and solute transfer in fluid saturated inclined porous cavity
  9. Radiation effects on unsteady MHD convective heat and mass transfer past a vertical plate with chemical reaction and viscous dissipation
  10. Finite element analysis of heat and mass transfer by MHD mixed convection stagnation-point flow of a non-Newtonian power-law nanofluid towards a stretching surface with radiation
  11. Unsteady MHD Flow of Heat and Mass Transfer of Nanofluids over Stretching Sheet with a Non-Uniform Heat/Source/Sink Considering Viscous Dissipation and Chemical Reaction
  12. Finite Element Analysis of MHD Viscoelastic Nanofluid Flow over a Stretching Sheet with Radiation
  13. Magnetohydrodynamic Mixed Convection Stagnation-Point Flow of a Power-Law Non-Newtonian Nanofluid towards a Stretching Surface with Radiation and Heat Source/Sink
  14. Scaling group analysis on MHD effects on heat transfer near a stagnation point on a linearly stretching sheet with variable viscosity and thermal conductivity, viscous dissipation and heat source/sink
  15. MHD Mixed Convective Heat and Mass Transfer through a Stratified Nanofluid Flow Over a Thermal Radiative Stretching Cylinder
  16. MHD effects on heat transfer over stretching sheet embedded in porous medium with variable viscosity, viscous dissipation and heat source/sink
  17. Finite element analysis for unsteady MHD heat and mass transfer free convection flow of polar fluids past a vertical moving porous plate in a porous medium with heat generation and thermal diffusion
  18. Thermal radiation effects on magneto hydro dynamic flow and heat transfer in a channel with porous walls of different permeability
  19. Effects of heat source/sink on MHD flow and heat transfer of a non-Newtonian power-law fluid on a stretching surface with thermal radiation and slip-conditions
  20. Mhd Flow and Heat Transfer of a Non-Newtonian Power-Law Fluid Past a Stretching Sheet With Suction/Injection and Viscous Dissipation
  21. Effects of viscous dissipation on MHD flow with heat and mass transfer over a stretching surface with heat source, thermal stratification and chemical reaction