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  1. Magneto-optical effects in hyperbolic metamaterials
  2. Precise method of preparation of layered porous optical materials
  3. Growth of Porous Anodic Alumina on Low-Index Surfaces of Al Single Crystals
  4. Josephson coupling across a long single-crystalline Cu nanowire
  5. Crystallography-Induced Correlations in Pore Ordering of Anodic Alumina Films
  6. Preparation of thin anodic alumina membranes and their utilization for template electrodeposition
  7. Optical properties of one-dimensional photonic crystals based on porous films of anodic aluminum oxide
  8. Simple phase transfer of nanoparticles from aqueous to organic media using polymer colloids as carriers
  9. Morphology of anodic alumina films obtained by hard anodization: Influence of the rate of anodization voltage increase
  10. Stimulated emission from aluminium anode oxide films doped with rhodamine 6G
  11. Arrays of rhodium nanowires based on anodic alumina: Preparation and electrocatalytic activity for nitrate reduction
  12. Magnetic field resistant quantum interferences in Josephson junctions based on bismuth nanowires
  13. Periodic order and defects in Ni-based inverse opal-like crystals on the mesoscopic and atomic scale
  14. Effect of double nuclear scattering on nuclear-magnetic interference in experiment with small-angle diffraction of polarized neutrons
  15. Longitudinal pore alignment in anodic alumina films grown on polycrystalline metal substrates
  16. Formation of artificial opals viewed in situ by X-ray grazing insidence diffraction
  17. Comparative Study of Structure and Permeability of Porous Oxide Films on Aluminum Obtained by Single- and Two-Step Anodization
  18. Three-dimensional artificial spin ice in nanostructured Co on an inverse opal-like lattice
  19. Microwave properties of Ni-based ferromagnetic inverse opals
  20. Electrochemical X-ray Photolithography
  21. Permeability of anodic alumina membranes with branched channels
  22. Magnetoplasmonic nanostructures based on nickel inverse opal slabs
  23. Smectite clays as the quasi-templates for platinum electrodeposition
  24. Origin of long-range orientational pore ordering in anodic films on aluminium
  25. The Kinetics and Mechanism of Long-Range Pore Ordering in Anodic Films on Aluminum
  26. Magnetic topology of Co-based inverse opal-like structures
  27. Electric-field-assisted self-assembly of colloidal particles
  28. Magnetic properties of cobalt nanowires: Study by polarized SANS
  29. Tuning the microstructure and functional properties of metal nanowire arrays via deposition potential
  30. Mechanically stable flat anodic titania membranes for gas transport applications
  31. Controlled way to prepare quasi-1D nanostructures with complex chemical composition in porous anodic alumina
  32. Morphological modification of the surface of polymers by the replication of the structure of anodic aluminum oxide
  33. Study of Inverse Ni-based Photonic Crystal using the Microradian X-ray Diffraction
  34. Two-dimensional spatially ordered arrays of cobalt nanowires: polarized SANS study
  35. Synthesis and structure study of ordered arrays of ZnSe nanodots
  36. High-Resolution Transmission X-ray Microscopy: A New Tool for Mesoscopic Materials
  37. Long-range ordering in anodic alumina films: a microradian X-ray diffraction study
  38. Nanostructures: Scattering beyond the Born approximation
  39. Epitaxial Calcium and Strontium Fluoride Films on Highly Mismatched Oxide and Metal Substrates by MOCVD: Texture and Morphology
  40. Controlled growth of metallic inverse opals by electrodeposition
  41. Fabrication of Artificial Opals by Electric-Field-Assisted Vertical Deposition
  42. Determination of the real structure of artificial and natural opals on the basis of three-dimensional reconstructions of reciprocal space
  43. Two-dimensional spatially ordered system of nickel nanowires probed by polarized SANS
  44. Double Stacking Faults in Convectively Assembled Crystals of Colloidal Spheres
  45. Magnetophotonic properties of inverse magnetic metal opals
  46. Structural and magnetic properties of inverse opal photonic crystals studied by x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, and small-angle neutron scattering
  47. Formation mechanism and packing options in tubular anodic titania films
  48. Templating of electrodeposited platinum group metals as a tool to control catalytic activity
  49. Topology constrained magnetic structure of Ni photonic crystals
  50. Polarized small-angle neutron scattering study of two-dimensional spatially ordered systems of nickel nanowires
  51. Ordered arrays of Ni magnetic nanowires: Synthesis and investigation
  52. Magnetic properties of iron nanoparticles in mesoporous silica matrix
  53. Ordered nanowire arrays in the mesoporous silica thin films
  54. Iron nanowires embedded in mesoporous silica: Polarized neutron scattering study
  55. Magnetic properties of iron nanoparticles in mesoporous silica
  56. Ordered iron nanowires in the mesoporous silica matrix
  57. SANS study of new magnetic nanocomposites embedded into the mesoporous silica