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  1. REIT market efficiency through a binomial option pricing tree approach
  2. An examination of the structure and dynamics of Singapore's maturing Central Area office market
  3. International Direct Real Estate Risk Premiums in a Multi-Factor Estimation Model
  4. Real estate market cyclical dynamics
  5. “Green” buildings and Real Estate Investment Trust's (REIT) performance
  6. Examining structural changes in Asian offices market
  7. Summary of the Value vs Growth Real Estate Investment Strategies
  8. Examining fuzzy tactical asset allocation (FTAA) as an alternative to modern portfolio theory (MPT) asset allocation for international and direct real estate investment
  9. Explaining the macro‐economy and retail real estate sector dynamic interaction between prime and suburban retail real estate sectors
  10. Singapore Public Housing Ownership Dynamics
  11. Industrial Real Estate Investment: Does the Contrarian Strategy Work?
  12. Public housing policy
  13. Structural Dynamics in the Policy Planning of Large Infrastructure Investment under the Competitive Environment: Context of Port Throughput and Capacity
  14. Correlation and Volatility Dynamics in International Real Estate Securities Markets
  15. Contrarian Real Estate Investment in Some Asia Pacific Cities
  16. Modeling the structure of CV formation and expectations
  17. Structural prepayment risk behavior of the underlying mortgages for residential mortgage life insurance in a developing market
  18. Planned urban industrialization and its effect on urban industrial real estate valuation: The Singapore experience
  19. Asset allocation
  20. Risk Management in Large Physical Infrastructure Investments: The Context of Seaport Infrastructure Development and Investment
  21. Land value capture mechanisms in Hong Kong and Singapore
  22. A Constant-quality Price Index for Resale Public Housing Flats in Singapore
  23. Characterisation of Conditional Foreclosure Likelihood: Significance of Equity, Firm, Number of Co-Borrowers and size to Arm Foreclosure
  24. A Fuzzy Discounted Cash Flow Analysis for Real Estate Investment
  25. A cointegration approach to the price dynamics of private housing. A Singapore case study
  26. Todaro migration and primacy models:
  27. The greening of Singapore's national estate
  28. The Risk and Return of Mezzanine Debt.