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  1. Supply chain design under quality disruptions and tainted materials delivery
  2. Performance metrics analysis for aircraft maintenance process control
  3. Allocating operating room block time using historical caseload variability
  4. Communication’s Role and Technology Preferences during Hurricane Evacuations
  5. Prioritization strategies for patient evacuations
  6. Buffering in evacuation management for optimal traffic demand distribution
  7. Analysis of Conveyance System Use in Airport Concourses
  8. Production capabilities using takt times, requirements analysis and simulation
  9. The Use of a Mobile Application to Track Process Workflow in Perioperative Services
  10. Modeling interruptions and patient flow in a preoperative hospital environment
  11. Minimizing Patient Transport Times During Mass Population Evacuations
  12. A simulation modeling framework for community-wide evacuation planning
  13. Supply capacity acquisition and allocation with uncertain customer demands
  14. Satisfying market demands with delivery obligations or delivery charges
  15. Healthcare Facility Evacuations: Lessons Learned, Research Activity, and the Need for Engineering Contributions
  16. Prioritizing Patients for Evacuation from a Health-Care Facility
  17. A model for allocating resources during hospital evacuations
  18. Risk averse demand selection with all-or-nothing orders
  19. Allocating flexible servers in serial systems with switching costs
  20. Transportation Systems Overview
  21. Inventory based allocation policies for flexible servers in serial systems
  22. A selective newsvendor approach to order management
  23. Target market selection and marketing effort under uncertainty: The selective newsvendor
  24. Risk averse selective newsvendor problems
  25. Transportation Systems Overview
  26. Measuring manufacturing throughput using takt time analysis and simulation
  27. Feasibility of Traffic Simulation for Decision Support in Real-Time Regional Traffic Management
  28. On a nonseparable convex maximization problem with continuous knapsack constraints
  29. Improving Hospital Evacuation Planning using Simulation
  30. Requirements Planning with Pricing and Order Selection Flexibility
  31. Simulation of transportation systems