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  1. Book review: Stylish Academic Writing
  2. Liquidity constraints in the first year of trading and firm performance
  3. Is it better to spend more to support fewer firms or spend very little to support more firms?
  4. Entrepreneurship as the structuration of individual and opportunity: A response using a critical realist perspective
  5. Assessing the Effectiveness of Business Support Services in England
  6. Differential Gains from Business Link Support and Advice: A Treatment Effects Approach
  7. Three Decades of Enterprise Culture?
  8. Sources of Bias in the Recall of Self-Generated Data: The Role of Anchoring
  9. Tracking Euro preparations amongst UK SMEs
  10. Does More Mean Worse? Three Decades of Enterprise Policy in the Tees Valley
  11. Street-Level Technocracy in UK Small Business Support: Business Links, Personal Business Advisers, and the Small Business Service