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  1. Gas-Phase Biosensors (Bio-Sniffers) for Measurement of 2-Nonenal, the Causative Volatile Molecule of Human Aging-Related Body Odor
  2. Real-Time Continuous Monitoring of Oral Soft Tissue Pressure with a Wireless Mouthguard Device for Assessing Tongue Thrusting Habits
  3. Headset bio-sniffer with wireless CMOS camera for percutaneous ethanol vapor from the ear canal
  4. What do masks mask? A study on transdermal CO2 monitoring
  5. Transdermal sensing: in-situ non-invasive techniques for monitoring of human biochemical status
  6. A Bio-Fluorometric Acetone Gas Imaging System for the Dynamic Analysis of Lipid Metabolism in Human Breath
  7. Biochemical Methanol Gas Sensor (MeOH Bio-Sniffer) for Non-Invasive Assessment of Intestinal Flora from Breath Methanol
  8. Biofluorometric Real-Time Image Sensing of Transcutaneously Emitted Ethanol Vapor By Enzyme-Immobilized Mesh Sheet
  9. Real-Time Monitoring of Transdermal CO2 Emission Rate While Exercising and Resting with a Mask
  10. Gas-Phase Chemical Imaging System by Biofluorometry for Human VOCs Measurement
  11. Acetone Bio-Sniffer (Gas-Phase Biosensor) for Monitoring of Human Volatile Using Enzymatic Reaction of Secondary Alcohol Dehydrogenase
  12. Real-Time Imaging of Transcutaneous Ethanol Using Biofluorometric Gas-Imaging System (Sniff-cam) with Body Shape Fitting Interface for 2D Enzyme Immobilized Mesh Sheet
  13. Evaluation for regional difference of skin-gas ethanol and sweat rate using alcohol dehydrogenase-mediated fluorometric gas-imaging system (sniff-cam)
  14. Transcutaneous Blood VOC Imaging System (Skin-Gas Cam) with Real-Time Bio-Fluorometric Device on Rounded Skin Surface
  15. Ultrasensitive Sniff-Cam for Biofluorometric-Imaging of Breath Ethanol Caused by Metabolism of Intestinal Flora
  16. Switchable sniff-cam (gas-imaging system) based on redox reactions of alcohol dehydrogenase for ethanol and acetaldehyde in exhaled breath
  17. Real-time monitoring of skin ethanol gas by a high-sensitivity gas phase biosensor (bio-sniffer) for the non-invasive evaluation of volatile blood compounds
  18. Fiber-Optic Bio-sniffer (Biochemical Gas Sensor) Using Reverse Reaction of Alcohol Dehydrogenase for Exhaled Acetaldehyde
  19. Fluorometric Sniff-Cam (Gas-Imaging System) Utilizing Alcohol Dehydrogenase for Imaging Concentration Distribution of Acetaldehyde in Breath and Transdermal Vapor after Drinking
  20. Improved Sensitivity of Acetaldehyde Biosensor by Detecting ADH Reverse Reaction-Mediated NADH Fluoro-Quenching for Wine Evaluation
  21. Fluorometric Biosniffer Camera “Sniff-Cam” for Direct Imaging of Gaseous Ethanol in Breath and Transdermal Vapor
  22. Fluorometric gas-imaging system (sniff-cam), using the extinction of NADH with an ADH reverse reaction, for acetaldehyde in the gas phase
  23. Sniff-Cam (Bio-Fluorometric Gas-Imaging System) for Breath Acetaldehyde after Drinking
  24. Fluorometric imaging system “sniffer-cam” for human breath and skin gas in evaluation of alcohol metabolism
  25. Ethanol Vapor Imaging System “Sniffer Camera” for Evaluation of Alcohol Metabolism from Breath and Palm Skin Gas
  26. A two-dimensional fluorometric imaging "sniffer camera" of ethanol vapor for evaluation of alcohol metabolism using enzymatic reaction
  27. A sniffer-camera for imaging of ethanol vaporization from wine: the effect of wine glass shape