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  1. Relationship Governance Dynamics: The Role of Partner Selection Efforts and Mutual Investments
  2. Franchisor–Franchisee Bankruptcy and the Efficacy of Franchisee Governance
  3. Openness and Innovation Performance Revisited
  4. Concurrent sourcing, governance mechanisms, and performance outcomes in industrial value chains
  5. Performance Implications of Mismatched Governance Regimes Across External and Internal Relationships
  6. Interfirm Monitoring, Social Contracts, and Relationship Outcomes
  7. Friends, Businesspeople, and Relationship Roles: A Conceptual Framework and a Research Agenda
  8. Relationship Governance in a Supply Chain Network
  9. Specific Investments in Marketing Relationships: Expropriation and Bonding Effects
  10. Choice of Supplier in Embedded Markets: Relationship and Marketing Program Effects
  11. Opportunism in Interfirm Relationships: Forms, Outcomes, and Solutions
  12. Towards a Theory of Knowledge Transfer in a Cooperative Context