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  1. Helical alignment inversion of microtubules in accordance with a structural change in their lattice
  2. Robust imogolite hydrogels with tunable physical properties
  3. Mechanical/optical behaviors of imogolite hydrogels depending on their compositions and oriented structures
  4. Reversible viscosity change of nanotubular colloidal aqueous suspensions responding to an electric field
  5. Back Cover: Preparation of a Sulfo-Group-Containing Rod-Like Polysilsesquioxane with a Hexagonally Stacked Structure and Its Proton Conductivity (Chem. Eur. J. 30/2014)
  6. Preparation of a Sulfo-Group-Containing Rod-Like Polysilsesquioxane with a Hexagonally Stacked Structure and Its Proton Conductivity
  7. Direct Evidence for Structural Transition Promoting Shear Thinning in Cylindrical Colloid Assemblies
  8. Flow-Orientation of Internal Structure and Anisotropic Properties on Hydrogels Consisted of Imogolite Hollow Nanofibers
  9. Transparent Conductive Films Fabricated from Polythiophene Nanofibers Composited with Conventional Polymers
  10. Dispersion of multi-walled carbon nanotube using soluble polysilsesquioxane containing alkylammonium side chains and triiodide counterions
  11. Thermoresponsive Synthetic Polymer–Microtubule Hybrids
  12. Strain-induced reversible isotropic–anisotropic structural transition of imogolite hydrogels
  13. Thermoplastic Composites of Acylated Lignins and Lignins
  14. 透明性/柔軟性/難燃性に富む有機-無機複合フィルム
  15. Thermoplastic Polyesters of 2-Pyrone-4,6-Dicarboxylic Acid (PDC) Obtained from a Metabolic Intermediate of Lignin
  16. Preparation of carboxylate group-containing rod-like polysilsesquioxane with hexagonally stacked structure by sol–gel reaction of 2-cyanoethyltriethoxysilane
  17. Structural and mechanical properties of Laponite–PEG hybrid films
  18. Nematic growth of microtubules that changed into giant spiral structure through partial depolymerization and subsequent dynamic ordering
  19. Curing Kinetics of Lignin-based Epoxy Resins
  20. 木質バイオマス代謝中間体PDCを含むエポキシ接着剤の接着強度評価
  21. Formation of motile assembly of microtubules driven by kinesins
  22. Controlled Clockwise–Counterclockwise Motion of the Ring-Shaped Microtubules Assembly
  23. Reinforcement of hydrogel by addition of fiber-like nanofiller
  24. Dynamic self-organization and polymorphism of microtubule assembly through active interactions with kinesin
  25. Fire-shielding Properties of Flexible, Transparent Laponite–PEG Hybrid Film
  26. Self-organized Structure Generated by Molecular Symmetry/Asymmetry Regulation
  27. Liquid Crystallinity and Organogelation Behavior of Lignin-Derived Metabolic Intermediate Bearing Cholesterol Groups
  28. Flexible, Transparent Nanocomposite Film with a Large Clay Component and Ordered Structure Obtained by a Simple Solution-Casting Method
  29. Hierarchical structures of the actin/polycation complexes, investigated by ultra-small-angle neutron scattering and fluorescence microscopy
  30. Polyfunctional nanometric particles obtained from lignin, a woody biomass resource
  31. Organogels of Lignin-derived Stable Metabolic Intermediate, 2-Pyrone-4,6-dicarboxylic Acid (PDC), Bearing Cholesteryl Groups
  32. Formation of Well-Oriented Microtubules with Preferential Polarity in a Confined Space under a Temperature Gradient
  33. ATP-fueled soft gel machine with well-oriented structure constructed using actin-myosin system
  34. Photoinducedin situformation of various F-actin assemblies with a photoresponsive polycation
  35. Mechanism on Polarity Sorting of Actin Bundles Formed with Polycations
  36. Tenacious Epoxy Adhesives Prepared from Lignin-derived Stable Metabolic Intermediate
  37. Polyesters of 2-Pyrone-4,6-dicarboxylic Acid (PDC) as Bio-based Plastics Exhibiting Strong Adhering Properties
  38. リグニン生分解中間物“PDC(2-ピロン-4,6-ジカルボン酸)”のポリエステルをベースとする導電性コンポジット
  39. Integration of biomolecular motors — Toward an ATP fueled soft biomachine
  40. Morphogenesis of Liposomes Caused by Polycation-Induced Actin Assembly Formation
  41. Ring-Shaped Assembly of Microtubules Shows Preferential Counterclockwise Motion
  42. Integration of Motor Proteins – Towards an ATP Fueled Soft Actuator
  43. Self-Assembling Structure in Solution of a Semirigid Polyelectrolyte
  44. Observation of the Three-Dimensional Structure of Actin Bundles Formed with Polycations
  45. Motility and Structural Polymorphism of Polymer–Actin Complex Gel
  46. Anisotropic Nucleation Growth of Actin Bundle:  A Model for Determining the Well-Defined Thickness of Bundles †
  47. Gel biomachine based on muscle proteins
  48. Morphology of Actin Assemblies in Response to Polycation and Salts
  49. Gel machines constructed from chemically cross-linked actins and myosins
  50. Polarity and Motility of Large Polymer−Actin Complexes
  51. Nano-Gel Machine Reconstructed from Muscle Proteins
  52. Characteristics of chemically cross-linked myosin gels
  53. Growth of Large Polymer−Actin Complexes