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  1. Smartphone use and well-being
  2. Smartphone use affecting stress and loneliness
  3. ‘Age Matters’ a panel study investigating the influence of communicative and passive smartphone use on well-being
  4. “Looking Up and Feeling Down”. The influence of mobile social networking site use on upward social comparison, self-esteem, and well-being of adult smartphone users
  5. Gender role portrayals in television advertisements: Do channel characteristics matter?
  6. A srudy on h ow social media affect adolescents' well-being
  7. Increasingly sexy? Sexuality and sexual objectification in popular music videos, 1995–2016.
  8. A treat for the eyes. An eye-tracking study on children's attention to unhealthy and healthy food cues in media content
  9. How Social and Mass Media Relate to Youth’s Self-Sexualization: Taking a Cross-National Perspective on Rewarded Appearance Ideals
  10. Detecting the Persuasive Intent of Product Placements in Photographic Love Stories: Consequences for Brand Recall and Brand Evaluation
  11. How sexualizing media influence our views on our bodies.
  12. “Weak, Sad, and Lazy Fatties”: Adolescents’ Explicit and Implicit Weight Bias Following Exposure to Weight Loss Reality TV Shows
  13. Construct
  14. Adopting the Objectifying Gaze: Exposure to Sexually Objectifying Music Videos and Subsequent Gazing Behavior
  15. Sexually Objectifying Pop Music Videos, Young Womens Self-Objectification, and Selective Exposure: A Moderated Mediation Model
  16. Werbung – Ethik – Moral