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  1. Towards full digital inclusion: the ENTELIS manifesto against the digital divide
  2. Employing the principles of universal design for learning to deconstruct the Greek-Cypriot new national curriculum
  3. Deconstructing the Greek-Cypriot new national curriculum: to what extent are disabled children considered in the ‘humane and democratic school’ of Cyprus?
  4. Graphic symbols for all: using symbols in developing the ability of questioning in young children
  5. einclusion @ Cyprus universities
  6. Examining peer acceptance in verbal and non-verbal interaction during computer-supported collaborative learning: implications for inclusion
  7. Changing the state of mind of postgraduate students about technology, disability and inclusive education: theory or practice?
  8. Researching computer‐based collaborative learning in inclusive classrooms in Cyprus: The role of the computer in pupils' interaction
  9. The use of Transana as a video analysis tool in researching computer‐based collaborative learning in inclusive classrooms in Cyprus
  10. Web-Based Simulations for the Training of Mathematics Teachers
  11. Flying a Math Class?