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  1. The EV Scaling Method for Variances of Latent Variables
  2. The structural validity of a reasoning scale is investigated using two different CFA approaches.
  3. Does the Effect of a Time Limit for Testing Impair Structural Investigations by Means of Confirmatory Factor Models?
  4. Separating the item-position factor from the difficulty factor
  5. Correlated errors
  6. Perceptual and Cognitive Assessment
  7. On Issues of Validity and Especially on the Misery of Convergent Validity
  8. Validity Improvement in Two Reasoning Measures Following the Elimination of the Position Effect
  9. Probability-Based and Measurement-Related Hypotheses With Full Restriction for Investigations by Means of Confirmatory Factor Analysis
  10. Some Thoughts Concerning the Recent Shift from Measures with Many Items to Measures with Few Items
  11. A Rise Beyond Expectations
  12. Improving the Interpretability of the Variances of Latent Variables by Uniform and Factor-Specific Standardizations of Loadings
  13. An Investigation of the Structure of the Social Optimism Scale with Respect to the Dimensionality Problem
  14. The Fixed-Links Model for Investigating the Effects of General and Specific Processes on Intelligence
  15. An Overview of Research into the Cognitive Basis of Intelligence
  16. Eine Reanalyse des Beitrags perzeptueller und kognitiver Prozesse zur Intelligenz
  17. The Role of Mechanisms under High Processing Complexity
  18. Personaler und Sozialer Optimismus