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  1. A rough set model based on (L, M)-fuzzy generalized neighborhood systems: a constructive approach
  2. Fuzzy quantic nuclei and conuclei with applications to fuzzy semi-quantales and (L, M)-quasi-fuzzy topologies
  3. On the category of M-fuzzy Q-modules
  4. A non-commutative approach to uniform structures
  5. Topological representation and quantic separation axioms of semi-quantales
  6. Separation Axioms in Generalized Base Spaces
  7. Ideal Convergence in Generalized Topological Molecular Lattices
  8. Generalized Topological Molecular Lattices
  9. Generalized Topological Representation for Complete Join-Semilattices
  10. Net-convergence and weak separation axioms in (L,M)-fuzzy topological molecular lattices
  11. Separation axioms and compactness of -fuzzy frames, and their applications to -fuzzy topological spaces
  12. Modification of weak structures via hereditary classes
  13. WITHDRAWN: Semi-preconnectedness degree of -fuzzy topological spaces
  14. Rough intuitionistic fuzzy subgroup
  15. (r,s)(r,s)-Fuzzy FF-open sets and (r,s)(r,s)-fuzzy FF-closed spaces
  16. The category of double fuzzy preproximity spaces
  17. An (r,s)-derived sets and double fuzzy closure operators
  18. Lattice-valued fuzzy frames
  19. Sobriety and Localic Compactness in Categories ofL-Bitopological Spaces
  20. Bicompletion of Lowen fuzzy quasi-uniform spaces
  21. Fuzzy neighborhood structures on partially ordered groups
  22. Fuzzy proximity ordered spaces
  23. Separation axioms in fuzzy topological ordered spaces
  24. Fuzzy syntopogenous structures and order
  25. Fuzzy topological ordered vector spaces I