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  1. Spatial patterns of microbial nitrogen-cycling gene abundances along a precipitation gradient in various temperate grasslands at a regional scale
  2. Reduced microbial stability in the active layer is associated with carbon loss under alpine permafrost degradation
  3. Linkage between microbial shift and ecosystem functionality
  4. Promoting resilience of large international collaborative research programs in times of global crisis
  5. Phytomanagement Reduces Metal Availability and Microbial Metal Resistance in a Metal Contaminated Soil
  6. Soil thermal regime alteration under experimental warming in permafrost regions of the central Tibetan Plateau
  7. Spatial patterns of microbial nitrogen genes along precipitation gradient in different temperate grasslands of Inner Mongolia, China
  8. Soil microbial communities in alpine grasslands on the Tibet Plateau and their influencing factors
  9. Warming counteracts grazing effects on the functional structure of the soil microbial community in a Tibetan grassland
  10. Phosphorus mediates soil prokaryote distribution pattern along a small-scale elevation gradient in Noijin Kangsang Peak, Tibetan Plateau
  11. Trait complementarity between fine roots of Stipa purpurea and their associated arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi along a precipitation gradient in Tibetan alpine steppe
  12. Functional activity and functional gene diversity of a Cu-contaminated soil remediated by aided phytostabilization using compost, dolomitic limestone and a mixed tree stand
  13. Annual Removal of Aboveground Plant Biomass Alters Soil Microbial Responses to Warming
  14. Warming Alters Expressions of Microbial Functional Genes Important to Ecosystem Functioning
  15. Tundra soil carbon is vulnerable to rapid microbial decomposition under climate warming
  16. Management with willow short rotation coppice increase the functional gene diversity and functional activity of a heavy metal polluted soil
  17. Stability of Cry3Bb1 protein in soils and its degradation in transgenic corn residues
  18. Functional Gene Differences in Soil Microbial Communities from Conventional, Low-Input, and Organic Farmlands
  19. Short-term carbon allocation and root lignin of Cry3Bb Bt and NonBt corn in the presence of corn rootworm
  20. Decomposition Rates and Residue-Colonizing Microbial Communities ofBacillus thuringiensisInsecticidal Protein Cry3Bb-Expressing (Bt) and Non-Bt Corn Hybrids in the Field