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  1. Scientific rationale of antifungal drug combination, including oral itraconazole and terbinafine, in recalcitrant dermatophytoses
  2. Parameters that determine dissolution and efficacy of itraconazole and its relevance to recalcitrant dermatophytoses
  3. Letter to the editor submitted in response to “the extinction of topical erythromycin therapy for acne vulgaris and concern for the future of topical clindamycin”
  4. Optimising laser tattoo removal
  5. Is frictional lichenoid dermatitis a minor variant of atopic dermatitis or a photodermatosis
  6. Rationale of using hypopigmenting drugs and their clinical application in melasma
  7. Follicular disorders of the face
  8. Palatal ulceration
  9. Nasal septal ulceration
  10. Lasers are not effective for melasma in darkly pigmented skin
  11. Lasers for treating striae: An emergent need for better evidence
  12. Images
  13. Black heel (Talon noir) associated with a viral exanthem
  14. Disseminated histoplasmosis with initial oral manifestations
  15. Focal acral hyperkeratosis
  16. Chapter-18 Systemic Treatment of Lichen Planus
  17. Reticulate pigmentary disorders
  18. Follicular eczema: A commonly misdiagnosed dermatosis
  19. Linear Nodular Collagenoma—Successful Treatment with Intralesional Triamcinolone acetonide
  20. Authors′ reply
  21. Therapeutic trials for systemic sclerosis: An update
  22. Effect of Tacrolimus on Vitiligo in Absence of UV Radiation Exposure
  23. A case of autoimmune myopathy in pregnancy
  24. Lepra vaccine: misinterpreted myth
  25. Bjornstad syndrome
  26. Lepra Vaccine
  27. Retinoids: Fascinating Up‐and‐Coming Scenario
  28. Seasonal Variation in Acne Vulgaris—Myth or Reality