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  1. Synthesis and characterization of Craig-type antiaromatic species with [4 n + 2] π electrons
  2. Unexpected higher stabilisation of two classical antiaromatic frameworks with a ruthenium fragment compared to the osmium counterpart: origin probed by DFT calculations
  3. Concerted or Stepwise Mechanism? New Insight into the Water-Mediated Neutral Hydrolysis of Carbonyl Sulfide
  4. A Metal-Bridged Tricyclic Aromatic System: Synthesis of Osmium Polycyclic Aromatic Complexes
  5. G2(+)M Study on N-Alkylamino Cation Affinities of Neutral Main-Group Element Hydrides: Trends Across the Periodic Table
  6. Unconventional Facile Way to Metallanaphthalenes from Metal Indenyl Complexes Predicted by DFT Calculations: Origin of Their Different Thermodynamics and Tuning Their Kinetics by Substituents
  7. Theoretical Study on the Stability and Aromaticity of Metallasilapentalynes
  8. In Search of Flexible Molecular Wires with Near Conformer-Independent Conjugation and Conductance: A Computational Study
  9. Evaluation of Triplet Aromaticity by the Indene-Isoindene Isomerization Stabilization Energy Method
  10. Planar Möbius aromatic pentalenes incorporating 16 and 18 valence electron osmiums
  11. Computations Offer an Unconventional Route to Metallaphosphabenzene from a Half-Phosphametallocene
  12. Theoretical study on the stability of osmasilabenzynes
  13. The phosphaethynolate anion reacts with unsaturated bonds: DFT investigations into [2+2], [3+2] and [4+2] cycloadditions
  14. Double Role of the Hydroxy Group of Phosphoryl in Palladium(II)-Catalyzed ortho-Olefination: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Investigation
  15. Interconversion of Metallanaphthalynes and Indenylidene Complexes: A DFT Prediction
  16. Synthesis of Five-Membered Osmacycloallenes and Conversion into Six-Membered Osmacycloallenes