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  1. Anticyclonic precession of a plume in a rotating environment
  2. Traces of surfactants can severely limit the drag reduction of superhydrophobic surfaces
  3. Particle image velocimetry and modelling of horizontal coherent liquid jets impinging on and draining down a vertical wall
  4. Convective mass transfer from a submerged drop in a thin falling film
  5. Cleaning of viscous drops on a flat inclined surface using gravity-driven film flows
  6. Streamwise dispersion and mixing in quasi-two-dimensional steady turbulent jets
  7. Meandering due to large eddies and the statistically self-similar dynamics of quasi-two-dimensional jets
  8. Non-invasive turbulent mixing across a density interface in a turbulent Taylor–Couette flow
  9. Spherical cap bubbles with a toroidal bubbly wake