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  1. Association Between Use of Any of the Drugs Prescribed in Norway and the Subsequent Risk of Parkinson Disease: A Drug-wide Association Study
  2. Beta2-adrenoreceptor agonists and long-term risk of Parkinson's disease
  3. Nucleated red blood cells explain most of the association between DNA methylation and gestational age
  4. Creating nice tables in R
  5. Creating nice tables in R - mind map
  6. The X-factor in ART: does the use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies influence DNA methylation on the X chromosome?
  7. A fast wavelet-based functional association analysis replicates several susceptibility loci for birth weight in a Norwegian population
  8. Wavelet Screening identifies regions highly enriched for differentially methylated loci for orofacial clefts
  9. Gene–methylation interactions: discovering region-wise DNA methylation levels that modify SNP-associated disease risk
  10. Design efficiency in genetic association studies
  11. Detecting genes that may affect the risk of having a child with cleft lip.
  12. A genome-wide scan of cleft lip triads identifies parent-of-origin interaction effects between ANK3 and maternal smoking, and between ARHGEF10 and alcohol consumption
  13. Gene-methylation interactions: Discovering region-wise DNA methylation levels that modify SNP-associated disease risk
  14. From Genotype to Phenotype: Through Chromatin
  15. A Genome-Wide Search for Gene-Environment Effects in Isolated Cleft Lip with or without Cleft Palate Triads Points to an Interaction between Maternal Periconceptional Vitamin Use and Variants in ESRRG
  16. Analysis of Parent-of-Origin Effects on the X Chromosome in Asian and European Orofacial Cleft Triads Identifies Associations with DMD, FGF13, EGFL6, and Additional Loci at Xp22.2
  17. Parent-of-origin-environment interactions in case-parent triads with or without independent controls
  18. Genome-wide analysis of parent-of-origin interaction effects with environmental exposure (PoOxE): An application to European and Asian cleft palate trios
  19. A new approach to chromosome-wide analysis of X-linked markers identifies new associations in Asian and European case-parent triads of orofacial clefts
  20. When the Label Matters: Adsorption of Labeled and Unlabeled Proteins on Charged Surfaces
  21. SDA 7: A modular and parallel implementation of the simulation of diffusional association software
  22. Interactions of amikacin with the RNA model of the ribosomal A-site: Computational, spectroscopic and calorimetric studies
  23. Comparing aminoglycoside binding sites in bacterial ribosomal RNA and aminoglycoside modifying enzymes
  24. Determining Geometrically Stable Domains in Molecular Conformation Sets
  25. Understanding the Origins of Bacterial Resistance to Aminoglycosides through Molecular Dynamics Mutational Study of the Ribosomal A-Site
  26. Molecular Dynamics Study of the Ribosomal A-Site