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  1. Aesthetics in Biodiversity Conservation
  2. Korpimaiden kauneudet
  3. Replies to Vendrell Ferran, Piercey, Schechtman, and Collins
  4. Précis of Philosophy, Literature and Understanding: On Reading and Cognition
  5. Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature and the Global Environmental Crisis
  6. Philosophical Aesthetics and the Global Environmental Emergency
  7. Analytic Philosophy of Literature
  8. Analytic Aesthetics
  9. On Studying the Cognitive Value of Literature
  10. How to Do Things with Fictions * By Joshua Landy
  11. Literature, Analytically Speaking: Explorations in the Theory of Interpretation, Analytic Aesthetics, and Evolution
  12. A Companion to the Philosophy of Literature ed. by Garry L. Hagberg and Walter Jost (review)
  13. Narratives and Narrators: A Philosophy of Stories, by Gregory Currie.
  14. Literary Fictions as Utterances and Artworks
  15. The Realistic Fallacy, or: The Conception of Literary Narrative Fiction in Analytic Aesthetics
  16. Philosophy of Literature (review)
  17. Fiction and the Weave of Lifeby gibson, john
  18. Philosophical Fiction and the Act of Fiction-Making
  19. The Place for External Considerations in Reading Literary Fiction