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  1. Effect of Active Camber on Rotor Noise, Power and Hub Vibration
  2. Computational Flight Path Analysis of a Helicopter in an Offshore Wind Farm using a Lattice-Boltzmann Method
  3. Rotor Performance Enhancements with Spanwise Varying Active Camber Morphing
  4. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of a Variable-Speed Rotor for Thrust Control
  5. Blade Passage Loads and Deformation of a Coaxial Rotor System in Hover
  6. Aerodynamic Performance of Morphed Camber Rotor Airfoils
  7. Aeromechanics Analysis of a High-Advance-Ratio Lift-Offset Coaxial Rotor System
  8. Real-Time Simulation of Dynamic Inflow Using Rotorcraft Flight Dynamics Coupled With a Lattice-Boltzmann Based Fluid Simulation
  9. Investigation of Centrifugal Pumping Rotor Blades in Hover Using CFD
  10. Aeromechanics Analysis of a Coaxial Rotor System in Hover and High-Advance-Ratio Forward Flight
  11. Fluid-Particle Interaction in Vortex-Induced Dual-Phase Flows Above a Sediment Bed