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  1. Aggregation and structural study of the monolayers formed by an amphiphilic thiapentacarbocyanine
  2. 2D Chiral Structures in Quinoline Mixed Langmuir Monolayers
  3. UV-Vis reflection spectroscopy under variable angle incidence at the air–liquid interface
  4. Insights about α-tocopherol and Trolox interaction with phosphatidylcholine monolayers under peroxidation conditions through Brewster angle microscopy
  5. Elastic Nanocomposite Structures Formed by Polyacetylene–Hemicyanine Mixed Films at the Air–Water Interface
  6. Evaluation of the Structure–Activity Relationship of Rifabutin and Analogs: A Drug–Membrane Study
  7. Effects of a novel antimycobacterial compound on the biophysical properties of a pulmonary surfactant model membrane
  8. From Two-Dimensional to Three-Dimensional at the Air/Water Interface: The Self-Aggregation of the Acridine Dye in Mixed Monolayers
  9. Interplay of mycolic acids, antimycobacterial compounds and pulmonary surfactant membrane: A biophysical approach to disease
  10. Molecular Interaction of Rifabutin on Model Lung Surfactant Monolayers
  11. Tuning of the Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Interactions in 2D Chiral Domains
  12. Langmuir Monolayers of an Inclusion Complex Formed by a New Calixarene Derivative and Fullerene
  13. Revisiting the Brewster Angle Microscopy: The relevance of the polar headgroup
  14. Polyoxometalate Surfactants as Unique Molecules for Interfacial Self-Assembly
  15. Interplay of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Interactions in a Mixed Polyoxometalate/Organic Langmuir Monolayer
  16. Mechanism of Action of Cyclic Oligosquaramides on DPPC Phospholipid Monolayers
  17. Self-Assembly of Acridine Orange into H-Aggregates at the Air/Water Interface: Tuning of Orientation of Headgroup
  18. Chiral Textures inside 2D Achiral Domains
  19. The Effect of the Reduction of the Available Surface Area on the Hemicyanine Aggregation in Laterally Organized Langmuir Monolayers
  20. Molecular organization and effective energy transfer in iridium metallosurfactant–porphyrin assemblies embedded in Langmuir–Schaefer films
  21. Stable white light emission from an externally modified organic light-emitting device
  22. Control of the Lateral Organization in Langmuir Monolayers via Molecular Aggregation of Dyes
  23. Methylene Blue Adsorption on a DMPA Lipid Langmuir Monolayer
  24. Reversible Collapse of Insoluble Monolayers: New Insights on the Influence of the Anisotropic Line Tension of the Domain
  25. Effect of the Molecular Methylene Blue Aggregation on the Mesoscopic Domain Morphology in Mixed Monolayers with Dimyristoyl−Phosphatidic Acid
  26. Effect of Na+and Ca2+Ions on a Lipid Langmuir Monolayer: An Atomistic Description by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
  27. Segregation of lipid in Ir-dye/DMPA mixed monolayers as strategy to fabricate 2D supramolecular nanostructures at the air–water interface