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  1. The dark ventral patch: A bimodal flexible trait related to male competition in red deer
  2. Sexual reproduction with variable mating systems can resist asexuality in a rock–paper–scissors dynamics
  3. Males and Females Contribute Unequally to Offspring Genetic Diversity in the Polygynandrous Mating System of Wild Boar
  4. A new sexual signal in rutting male red deer: Age related chemical scent constituents in the belly black spot
  5. The tragedy of the commons: unsustainable population structure of Iberian red deer in hunting estates
  6. Roaring High and Low: Composition and Possible Functions of the Iberian Stag's Vocal Repertoire
  7. Hunting in Managed Oak Woodlands: Contrasts Among Similarities
  8. Spectrographic analysis points to source–filter coupling in rutting roars of Iberian red deer
  9. Is there an expected relationship between parental expenditure and sex ratio of litters or broods?
  10. Mothers that produce sons and daughters are genetically different in red deer
  11. Vocal anatomy, tongue protrusion behaviour and the acoustics of rutting roars in free-ranging Iberian red deer stags (Cervus elaphus hispanicus)
  12. Female aggregation interacts with population structure to influence the degree of polygyny in red deer
  13. Relative Effect of Food Supplementation and Natural Resources on Female Red Deer Distribution in a Mediterranean Ecosystem
  14. First Seropositive Cases of Coxiella burnetii in Red Deer Populations in the Southwest Iberian Peninsula
  15. Effects of small barriers on habitat use by red deer: Implications for conservation practices
  16. Correlates of Territoriality in Rutting Red Deer
  17. Condition-dependence and Sex Traits in the Male Great Bustard
  18. Sexual selection and the evolution of evolutionary theories
  19. Measuring female aggregation in ungulate mating-system research: a red deer case study
  20. Combined Effects of Drought and Density on Body and Antler Size of Male Iberian Red Deer Cervus Elaphus Hispanicus : Climate Change Implications
  21. Fat diet reduces stress and intensity of startle reaction in horses
  22. Defining sexual selection as sex-dependent selection
  23. Selective culling of Iberian red deer stags (Cervus elaphus hispanicus) by selective montería in Spain
  24. Fluctuating asymmetry of red deer antlers negatively relates to individual condition and proximity to prime age
  25. How should breeders react when aided by helpers?
  26. Sex-specific strategies of dentine depletion in red deer
  27. Sexual Selection and Senescence: Male Size‐Dimorphic Ungulates Evolved Relatively Smaller Molars than Females
  28. Parents increase their parental effort when aided by helpers in a cooperatively breeding bird
  29. No brood parasitism by the Great Spotted CuckooClamator glandariuson the Azure-winged MagpieCyanopica cyanus
  30. Disposable-soma senescence mediated by sexual selection in an ungulate
  32. What did Trivers and Willard really predict?
  33. Habitat modification when scent marking: shrub clearance by roe deer bucks
  35. Sex allocation in a polygynous mammal with large litters: the wild boar
  36. Effects of male dominance and courtship display on female choice in the ring-necked pheasant
  37. The role of bright plumage in male–male interactions in the ring-necked pheasant
  38. Signals in intra-sexual competition between ring-necked pheasant males
  39. Sexual Selection for Male Body Mass and the Evolution of Litter Size in Mammals
  40. On the intersexual selection for spurs in the ring-necked pheasant
  41. Female attraction by males versus sites in territorial rutting red deer
  42. Female choice for morphological features of male ring-necked pheasants
  43. Experimental shifting from harem defence to territoriality in rutting red deer
  44. Timing, Structure and Functions of the Courtship Display in Male Great Bustard
  45. Space use by red deer in a Mediterranean ecosystem as determined by radio-tracking
  46. Territoriality as a mating strategy in red deer
  47. Offspring reproductive value and nest defense in the magpie (Pica pica)
  48. Mating system flexibility in the Great Bustard: a comparative study
  49. Struktura dominacyjna w grupie samic jeleni - zmiany sezonowe