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  1. Loss of biodiversity value because of fish species introduction in Spain
  2. Variance of light-related leaf traits across spatial and temporal scales in the Mediterranean evergreen Olea europaea L.
  3. Intraindividual variation in light-related functional traits: magnitude and structure of leaf trait variability across global scales in Olea europaea trees
  4. A tropical epiphytic orchid uses a low-light interception strategy in a spatially heterogeneous light environment
  5. Human Disturbance during Early Life Impairs Nestling Growth in Birds Inhabiting a Nature Recreation Area
  6. Spatial and demographic structure of tara stands ( Caesalpinia spinosa ) in Peru: Influence of present and past forest management
  7. Sink strength manipulation in branches of a Mediterranean woody plant suggests sink-driven allocation of biomass in fruits but not of nutrients in seeds
  8. Estimating wind dispersal potential in Ailanthus altissima: The need to consider the three-dimensional structure of samaras
  9. Gone with the wind and the stream: Dispersal in the invasive species Ailanthus altissima
  10. Erratum to: Field patterns of temporal variations in the light environment within the crowns of a Mediterranean evergreen tree (Olea europaea)
  11. The expression of light-related leaf functional traits depends on the location of individual leaves within the crown of isolatedOlea europaeatrees
  12. Field patterns of temporal variations in the light environment within the crowns of a Mediterranean evergreen tree (Olea europaea)
  13. Estimation of CO 2 emissions in the life cycle of roads through the disruption and restoration of environmental systems
  14. Measuring leaf angles with android
  15. Applying life cycle thinking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from road projects
  16. How deep must we dig? Sampling depth effects on root biomass assessments in Mediterranean riparian buffers
  17. Effects of fertilization and neighbour removal on biomass allocation and fruit production inCistus ladanifer
  18. Reducing visitors’ group size increases the number of birds during educational activities: Implications for management of nature-based recreation
  19. Effects of fruit thinning on fruit and seed features of Cistus ladanifer
  20. Spatial nest-box selection of cavity-nesting bird species in response to proximity to recreational infrastructures
  21. Can a solitary avian species use collective detection? An assay in semi-natural conditions
  22. Seed size and seed germination in the Mediterranean fire-prone shrub Cistus ladanifer
  23. Hierarchical pre-dispersal fitness assessment in a Mediterranean shrub plant
  24. Seed predation heterogeneity in the loculate fruits of a Mediterranean bushy plant
  25. Heat shock, mass-dependent germination, and seed yield as related components of fitness in Cistus ladanifer
  26. Multiple infestation by seed predators: the effect of loculate fruits on intraspecific insect larval competition
  27. Case Features of Caddisfly Larvae(Sericostoma selysi)as Related to Water Velocity and Potential to Drift