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  1. Veteran Islāmic Economist : Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad Passed Away
  2. Case for Standardization of Fatāwá : Products Approval and Sharī'ah Certification Processes in Islāmic Finance
  3. Islāmic Finance Benchmark : A Possible Solution Revisited
  4. JIBM Discussion Forum : Thomson Reuters' Islāmic Interbank Benchmark Rate - IIBR : Is It Really an Important Step Forward for Islāmic Finance Authenticity ?
  5. Book Review : What Is Wrong with Islāmic Economics ? : Analysing the Present State and Future Agenda / Muhammad Akram Khan
  6. Financing Economic Growth with Stability from Islāmic Perspective
  7. Developing and Promoting Economic and Financial System of Islām : Some Suggestions
  8. Islāmic Finance in Mauritius : Prospects and Challenges
  9. Book Review : Zubair Hasan : Islāmic Banking and Finance : An Integrative Approach
  10. The Framework for Islamic Theory of Consumer Behaviour
  11. Making Takāful System Really Worthwhile
  12. Islamic Marketing Ethics and Its Impact on Customer Satisfaction in the Islamic Banking Industry
  13. Authority of Qawl Al-Ṣaḅābī in Fiqh and Its Application in Modern Islāmic Finance
  14. Report and Findings of the 3rd International Conference on Islāmic Business ( ICIB - 2014 ) Held on February , 10 and 11 , 2014 On Equity , Venture Capital , Corporate Governance and Institutional Development for Equity Investments : Prospects and Prac...
  15. Risk Sharing and Public Finance
  16. Ribā and Islamic Banking Put on Retrial
  17. An Alternative Approach to Analysis of Consumer Behaviour : Need for Distinctive Islamic Theory
  18. Entrepreneurial Culture from Islamic Perspective among Employees of Koperasi Kakitangan Angkasa Berhad ( KOKITA ) , Selangor , Malaysia
  19. Islamic Finance : Laying Down an Overarching Schema for Value based Sharī‘ah Advisory and Governance Framework
  20. The Road to Serfdom
  21. Efficiency Analysis of Full-Fledge Islamic Banks and Standalone Islamic Branches of Conventional Banks in Pakistan : A Comparative Study for the Period of 2007 - 2012
  22. Managing Business and Financial Risks of Ṣukuk : An Islamic Risk Management Perspective
  23. Qarḍ Ḥasan : its Sharī‘ah Rules and Applications in Islamic Finance
  24. Worldwide Development of Islamic Finance : Trends , Prospects and Challenges
  25. Case for Following the Business Ethics
  26. Takāful : Concept , Underwriting Scope and Risk Management
  27. Combined Effects of Ethical Leadership and Islamic Work Ethics ( IWE ) on Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction
  28. Murābaha : An Islamic Financing Mode and the Challenges Vis a Vis the International Accounting Standards
  29. Book Review
  30. Profit and Loss Distribution and Pool Management Framework for IBIs in Pakistan : Progress , Issues and Implications
  31. Report and Recommendations of the First Minara International Conference on Islamic Business : Jointly Organized by the Minara Chamber of Commerce , South Africa and the Riphah International University , Islamabad at Durban , South Africa : ( November 2...
  32. Editorial
  33. Qur’an , Hadith and Riba Connotation
  34. A Comprehensive Glossary of Terms in Islamic Commercial Law - Business , Banking and Finance
  35. A Critique of Islamic Banks’ Good Corporate Governance Report in Indonesia
  36. Islamic Capitalism and Finance : Origins , Evolution and the Future
  37. Impact of Islamic Work Ethics and Job Satisfaction on Job Involvement and Turnover Intentions
  38. Regime Uncertainty : Interest Rate Based Debt Financing System
  39. Challenges of Affordable Housing Finance in IDB Member Countries Using Islamic Modes
  40. Global Financial Crisis ( GFC ) and Growth of Islamic Finance
  41. Financial Inclusion : Islamic Finance Perspective
  42. Report and Findings of the 2nd International Conference on Islamic Business ( ICIB - 2012 ) : Managing Sharī´ah Conforming Businesses : Prospects , Practices and Personnel ( February , 27 , 28 - 29 , 2012 )
  43. Construction and Seasonal Patterns of Islamic Hijri Calendar Monthly Time Series : An Application to Consumer Price Index ( CPI ) in Pakistan
  44. Ṣukūk in Various Jurisdictions : Sharī´ah and Legal Issues
  45. Business Ethics in Islamic Finance