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  1. Lymphedema children
  2. Elephantiasis and Directed Occupational Rehabilitation
  3. Comparison of 15–20 mmHg versus 20–30 mmHg Compression Stockings in Reducing Occupational Oedema in Standing and Seated Healthy Individuals
  4. Lymphatic Drainage of Legs Reduces Edema of the Arms in Children with Lymphedema
  5. Lymph Drainage of Posttraumatic Edema of Lower Limbs
  6. Mobilization of Fluids in the Intensive Treatment of Primary and Secondary Lymphedemas
  7. Maintenance of the Results of Stage II Lower Limb Lymphedema Treatment after Normalization of Leg Size
  8. Adapting Lymphedema Treatment in Patients with a Mental Disability
  9. Lipolymphedema Associated with Idiopathic Cyclic Edema: A Therapeutic Approach