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  1. Changes in sleep duration in Spanish children aged 2–14 years from 1987 to 2011
  2. Individual, family and environmental factors associated with pediatric excess weight in Spain: a cross-sectional study
  3. Change of residence and functional status within three months and one year following hip fracture surgery
  4. Mediterranean Diet, Kidney Function, and Mortality in Men with CKD
  5. Prevalencia de obesidad infantil y juvenil en España en 2012
  6. Factors associated with a low adherence to a Mediterranean diet pattern in healthy Spanish women before pregnancy
  7. Comparison of two methods to assess the effect of age and sex on the risk of car crashes
  8. Prophylactic effect of clarithromycin in skin flap complications in cochlear implants surgery
  9. ¿Como puede ayudar la medicina? Epidemia de los accidentes de tráfico