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  1. Promoting and Empowering the RF and Microwave Community in Costa Rica [MTT-S Society News]
  2. An Overview of RF and Microwave Research in Latin America: Scanning Latin American Research on Microwaves
  3. An Early History of Optimization Technology for Automated Design of Microwave Circuits
  4. Frequency- and Time-Domain Yield Optimization of a Power Delivery Network Subject to Large Decoupling Capacitor Tolerances
  5. The MTT-S Education Committee–Promoting Education for All–2022
  6. Fast Jitter Tolerance Testing for High-Speed Serial Links in Post-Silicon Validation
  7. Advanced RF and Microwave Design Optimization: A Journey and a Vision of Future Trends
  8. Surrogate-Based Analysis and Design Optimization of Power Delivery Networks
  9. The Second IEEE MTT-S Latin America Microwave Conference [Conference Report]
  10. Analog Gross Fault Identification in RF Circuits Using Neural Models and Constrained Parameter Extraction
  11. Post-Silicon Receiver Equalization Metamodeling by Artificial Neural Networks
  12. A tool for the automatic generation and analysis of regular analog layout modules
  13. System Margining Surrogate-Based Optimization in Post-Silicon Validation
  14. The First IEEE MTT-S Latin America Microwave Conference [Conference Report]
  15. A historical account and technical reassessment of the Broyden-based input space mapping optimization algorithm
  16. A programmable CMOS voltage controlled ring oscillator for radio-frequency diathermy on-chip circuit
  17. Design and validation of a portable radio-frequency diathermy prototype
  18. Reconfigurable FIR filter coefficient optimization in post-silicon validation to improve eye diagram for optical interconnects
  19. Analysis of the implications of stacked devices in nano-scale technologies for analog applications
  20. Design of experiments implementation towards optimization of power distribution networks
  21. A Holistic Formulation for System Margining and Jitter Tolerance Optimization in Industrial Post-Silicon Validation
  22. A holistic methodology for system margining and jitter tolerance optimization in post-silicon validation
  23. Eye diagram optimization based on design of experiments (DoE) to accelerate industrial testing of high speed links
  24. Multiphysics polynomial-based surrogate modeling of microwave structures in frequency domain
  25. Temperature effects in automotive-grade high speed interconnects
  26. Polynomial-Based Surrogate Modeling of RF and Microwave Circuits in Frequency Domain Exploiting the Multinomial Theorem
  27. Synthesis tool for automatic layout generation of analog structures
  28. Polynomial-based surrogate modeling of microwave structures in frequency domain exploiting the multinomial theorem
  29. Power in Simplicity with ASM: Tracing the Aggressive Space Mapping Algorithm Over Two Decades of Development and Engineering Applications
  30. Space mapping optimization of handset antennas considering EM effects of mobile phone components and human body
  31. Optimization of full-wave EM models by low-order low-dimension polynomial surrogate functionals
  32. Enhanced formulation for polynomial-based surrogate modeling of microwave structures in frequency domain
  33. MTT-S Mexico Trip: Addressing the RF and Microwave Community in Mexico [Around the Globe]
  34. Application of the NARX neural network as a digital predistortion technique for linearizing microwave power amplifiers
  35. Enhanced procedure to setup the simulation bounding box and the meshing scheme of a 3D finite element EM simulator for planar microwave structures
  36. Impedance matching analysis and EMC validation of a low-cost PCB differential interconnect
  37. A digital predistortion technique based on a NARX network to linearize GaN class F power amplifiers
  38. Research activities on computer-aided modeling, design and optimization of RF and microwave circuits at ITESO Mexico
  39. R&D in Latin America: RF and Microwave Research in Latin America
  40. Return-loss minimization of package interconnects through input space mapping using FEM-based models
  41. Neural Space Mapping Methods for Electromagnetics-Based Yield Estimation
  42. Systematic configuration of coarsely discretized 3D EM solvers for reliable and fast simulation of high-frequency planar structures
  43. Artificial Neural Networks and Space Mapping for EM-Based Modeling and Design of Microwave Circuits
  44. Optimization of the stub-alternated and serpentine microstrip structures to minimize far-end crosstalk
  45. EM-based design optimization of microstrip lines traversing a rectangular gap in the reference plane
  46. On knowledge-based neural networks and neuro-space mapping
  47. HFSS automated driver based on non-GUI scripting for EM-based design of high-frequency circuits
  48. A linear regression inverse space mapping algorithm for EM-based design optimization of microwave circuits
  49. Design optimization of microstrip lines with via fences through surrogate modeling based on polynomial functional interpolants
  50. Impact of Base Points Distributions on the Polynomial Surrogate Modeling of a Substrate Integrated Waveguide with Microstrip Transitions
  51. Neural input space mapping optimization based on nonlinear two-layer perceptrons with optimized nonlinearity
  52. Surrogate modeling of microwave circuits using polynomial functional interpolants
  53. Design of a CMOS second order band-pass continuous time filter using numerical optimization
  54. Design of reusable CMOS OTAs using CAD tools
  55. EM-based optimization of a single layer SIW with microstrip transitions using linear output space mapping
  56. An Improved EM-Based Design Procedure for Single-Layer Substrate Integrated Waveguide Interconnects with Microstrip Transitions
  57. Foreword
  58. Tuning-aided implicit space mapping
  59. A general EM-based design procedure for single-layer substrate integrated waveguide interconnects with microstrip transitions
  60. EM-Based Space Mapping Optimization of Left-handed Coplanar Waveguide Filters with Split Ring Resonators
  61. EM-Based Monte Carlo Analysis and Yield Prediction of Microwave Circuits Using Linear-Input Neural-Output Space Mapping
  62. Conference session
  63. EM-Based Statistical Analysis and Yield Estimation Using Linear-Input and Neural-Output Space Mapping
  64. A linear inverse space-mapping (LISM) algorithm to design linear and nonlinear RF and microwave circuits
  65. A practical and reliable method to simulate and minimize crosstalk between high-speed interconnects.
  66. EM-Based Optimization of Microwave Circuits Using Artificial Neural Networks: The State-of-the-Art
  67. Neural inverse space mapping (NISM) optimization for EM-based microwave design
  68. Expanded space-mapping EM-based design framework exploiting preassigned parameters
  69. Yield-driven electromagnetic optimization via space mapping-based neuromodels
  70. Yield-Driven EM Optimization using Space Mapping-Based Neuromodels
  71. Broadband physics-based modeling of microwave passive devices through frequency mapping
  72. A generalized space-mapping tableau approach to device modeling
  73. Neural space-mapping optimization for EM-based design
  74. Space-mapping optimization of microwave circuits exploiting surrogate models
  75. A Generalized Space Mapping Tableau Approach to Device Modeling
  76. Neuromodeling of microwave circuits exploiting space-mapping technology