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  1. Cooperation and conflict among microbial symbionts
  2. Rhizosphere bacteria can inhibit plant pathogens by competing with them for iron
  3. Positive linkage between bacterial social traits reveals that homogeneous rather than specialised behavioral repertoires prevail in natural Pseudomonas communities
  4. Bacterial siderophores in community and host interactions
  5. Environmental determinants of siderophore production and exploitation
  6. Beyond parental care: The other facets of family life
  7. Parent-offspring competition & the evolution of family life
  8. Populations of a subsocial insect vary in their life-history
  9. Kin vs. multilevel selection: a never-ending controversy?
  10. No enforcement of cooperation in a group-living parrot
  11. Offspring react to maternal condition in a subsocial insect
  12. Parental loss & the evolution of family life
  13. Sibling cooperation & the evolution of family life
  14. The (social) behaviors of a group-living insect
  15. Food allocation to nestlings in a group-living parrot