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  1. E-Cigarettes: Implications for Health Promotion in the Asian Pacific Region
  2. Stationary in the office: emerging themes for active buildings
  3. Dietary outcomes of a community based intervention for mothers of young children: a randomised controlled trial
  4. A cluster-randomised controlled trial of a physical activity and nutrition programme in retirement villages: a study protocol
  5. Application of the Occupational Sitting and Physical Activity Questionnaire (OSPAQ) to office based workers
  6. No Smoking Here: Examining Reasons for Noncompliance With a Smoke-Free Policy in a Large University
  7. Mothers and a dietary intervention in playgroups
  8. Physical activity and nutrition intervention for mothers of young children: Process evaluation
  9. Paradox of health care in the world’s greatest nation: commentary on the 2013 Annual American Public Health Association Conference in Boston
  10. Development of a Systematic Review of Public Health Interventions to Prevent Children Drowning
  11. An exploratory study of smokers’ and stakeholders’ expectations of the implementation of a smoke-free policy in a university setting
  12. The Surgeon General’s ‘Smoking and Health’: a continuing challenge
  13. Office-Based Physical Activity and Nutrition Intervention: Barriers, Enablers, and Preferred Strategies for Workplace Obesity Prevention, Perth, Western Australia, 2012
  14. Pedestrian and Motorized Mobility Scooter Safety of Older People
  15. “Moving forward: a cross sectional baseline study of staff and student attitudes towards a totally smoke free university campus”
  16. Utility of stages of change construct in the planning of physical activity interventions among playgroup mothers
  17. Institutional factors and the postgraduate student experience
  18. Accuracy of self‐reported anthropometric measures in older Australian adults
  19. Sustainability of a physical activity and nutrition program for seniors
  20. Women’s reported health behaviours before and during pregnancy: A retrospective study
  21. A journal for and with health promotion practitioners and researchers
  22. Booze barns: fuelling hazardous drinking in Australia?
  23. Eat (less) for health
  24. Ross Spark
  25. Are there more positive alternative celebration opportunities to Schoolies Week?
  26. Fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) work in Australia: the need for research and a health promotion framework
  27. Physical activity and nutrition behavioural outcomes of a home-based intervention program for seniors: a randomized controlled trial
  28. Impact of the REFRESH randomised controlled trial on the physical activity behaviours of mothers with young children
  29. Physical activity results of a home-based physical activity and nutrition program for seniors (PANS)
  30. Physical Activity and Nutrition Program for Seniors (PANS)
  31. Effects of a physical activity and nutrition program for seniors on body mass index and waist-to-hip ratio: A randomised controlled trial
  32. Review and recommendations for online physical activity and nutrition programmes targeted at over 40s
  33. Preliminary physical activity findings from a home-based Physical Activity and Nutrition Program for Seniors (PANS)
  34. The protocol of a randomized controlled trial for playgroup mothers: Reminder on Food, Relaxation, Exercise, and Support for Health (REFRESH) Program
  35. The Effectiveness of a Walking Booster Program for Seniors
  36. Psychotropic Medications and Crash Risk in Older Drivers
  37. Health professionals’ perceptions of sexual assault management
  38. Effectiveness of a Home-Based Postal and Telephone Physical Activity and Nutrition Pilot Program for Seniors
  39. Physical activity and nutrition program for seniors (PANS): protocol of a randomized controlled trial
  40. Perceptions of physical activity by older adults: A qualitative study
  41. The Effectiveness of a Physical Activity Intervention for Seniors
  42. A Physical Activity Program to Mobilize Older People: A Practical and Sustainable Approach
  43. Development of a nutrition and physical activity booklet to engage seniors
  44. Effective Recruitment and Retention of Older Adults in Physical Activity Research: PALS Study