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  1. Epigenetic metaphors: an interdisciplinary translation of encoding and decoding
  2. Parasites et cancer : existe-t-il un lien ?
  3. PIN-ning down the parasite: explaining how Theileria parasites transform host leukocytes
  4. Comment le parasite Apicomplexe Theileria manipule-t-il l’identité cellulaire de son hôte bovin ?
  5. A reversible Warburg effect is induced by Theileria parasites to transform host leukocytes
  6. Theileria induces oxidative stress and HIF1α activation that are essential for host leukocyte transformation
  7. OncomiR Addiction Is Generated by a miR-155 Feedback Loop in Theileria-Transformed Leukocytes
  8. Epigenetics in health and disease
  9. Of mice and men – NAIP homologues face Legionella pneumophila
  10. Role of the SMYD3 histone methyltransferase in tumorigenesis
  11. SMYD3 Promotes Cancer Invasion by Epigenetic Upregulation of the Metalloproteinase MMP-9
  12. Epigenetics: Beyond face value
  13. TGF-b2 Induction Regulates Invasiveness of Theileria-Transformed Leukocytes and Disease Susceptibility
  14. JunD Protects the Liver from Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury by Dampening AP-1 Transcriptional Activation
  15. Dimer Composition and Promoter Context Contribute to Functional Cooperation between AP-1 and NFAT
  16. The JNK/AP-1 pathway upregulates expression of the recycling endosome rab11a gene in B cells transformed by Theileria
  17. Fra-1 promotes growth and survival in RAS-transformed thyroid cells by controlling cyclin A transcription
  18. JunD is a profibrogenic transcription factor regulated by Jun N-terminal kinase-independent phosphorylation
  19. Lack of JunD Promotes Pressure Overload-Induced Apoptosis, Hypertrophic Growth, and Angiogenesis in the Heart
  20. A Genomic Map of p53 Binding Sites Identifies Novel p53 Targets Involved in an Apoptotic Network
  21. AP-1 dimers regulate transcription of the p14/p19ARF tumor suppressor gene
  22. JunD protects against chronic kidney disease by regulating paracrine mitogens
  23. Transcription factor JunD, deprived of menin, switches from growth suppressor to growth promoter
  24. A role for AP-1 in apoptosis: the case for and against
  25. p53 Inactivation leads to impaired motor synchronization in mice
  26. Juggling Jun
  27. Jun Oncogenes
  28. Anthrax attack
  29. Lasker lads
  30. DiGeorge modifiers
  31. Therapy for alcoholic rats
  32. Predicting chemosensitivity
  33. Functional cooperation between JunD and NF-κB in rat hepatocytes
  34. Life and death in the JUNgle
  35. Screening for schizophrenia
  36. Niemann–Pick disease genes
  37. Pesticides and Parkinson's
  38. Bone Fos-silization
  39. Bax and p53 are differentially involved in the regulation of caspase-3 expression and activation during neurodegeneration in Lurcher mice
  40. Knocking out NEMO
  41. JNK
  42. Signal Transduction Pathways and Modulation of Gene Activity
  43. Integrin α chain cytoplasmic tails regulate “antibody-redirected” cell adhesion, independently of ligand binding
  44. Reduction of Tumorigenicity by α3Integrin in a Rhabdomyosarcoma Cell Line
  45. The gene organisation of the human β2 integrin subunit (CD18)