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  1. Folates, folic acid and preconception care – a review
  2. GPs, heart disease and nutrition.
  3. Trial of a gene test to estimate the risk of lung cancer in smokers who are trying to quit
  4. A blood test (homocysteine) that can help to defeat dementia
  5. Protocol to evaluate the Respiragene test for smoking cessation
  6. Letter to BJGP commenting on an opinion piece about treatment of depression
  7. Survey of incidence and management of diverticulitis in UK primary care
  8. An assessment of periconceptional micronutrient intake in fertile and infertile women
  9. Intake of preconception folate plus folic acid and estimated impact for UK of fortification
  10. What advice do GPs give on taking probiotics
  11. Conference report: From nutrigenomics to nutritional systems biology