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  1. Historical Memories of Abuse
  2. The Social and Cultural Context of Remembering: Implications for Recalling Childhood Sexual Abuse
  3. Disruptions to processing of self referential emotional material are associated with positive symptoms of schizotypy
  4. Retrieval-Induced Forgetting in Repressors, Defensive High Anxious, High Anxious and Low Anxious Individuals
  5. Mindfulness increases recall of self-threatening information
  6. Does retrieval-induced forgetting affect future social behavior?
  7. The representation of response effector and response location in episodic memory for newly acquired actions: Evidence from retrieval-induced forgetting
  8. Selective memory bias for self-threatening memories in trait anxiety
  9. Retrieval-induced forgetting deficits in high anxious individuals
  10. Effect of High or Low Imagery on Auditory Hallucinatory Content in Individuals Scoring High in Schizotypy
  11. Recall of false memories in individuals scoring high in schizotypy: Memory distortions are scale specific
  12. The role of self-esteem in the misinformation effect
  13. Repressive Coping Style and Mnemic Neglect
  14. Effect of a context of concrete and abstract words on hallucinatory content in individuals scoring high in schizotypy
  15. The effects of age on remembering and knowing misinformation
  16. Retrieval-induced forgetting and mental imagery
  17. Memory impairment in the weapon focus effect
  18. A possible contra-indication for early diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Conditions: Impact on parenting stress
  19. Retrieval Inhibition and Memory Distortion
  20. Can inhibition resolve retrieval competition through the control of spreading activation?
  21. The Role of Inhibitory Control in the Production of Misinformation Effects.
  22. New evidence on the suggestibility of memory: The role of retrieval-induced forgetting in misinformation effects.
  23. New evidence on the suggestibility of memory: The role of retrieval-induced forgetting in misinformation effects.
  24. Retrieval-Induced Forgetting in Memory for Odours
  25. Behavioural Consequences of Retrieval-induced Forgetting
  26. Age-related inhibitory control processes in memory retrieval and the role of output interference
  27. Interference for Motor Sequence and End Goal in Memory for Newly Acquired Actions: Evidence from Retrieval-Induced Forgetting