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  1. CSR and Blockchain technology: A proposed model for sustainable growth
  2. Indian Corporate Governance with Relation to Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Act: Proposing Business Intelligence (BI) and Blockchain as an Integrated Key Strategy
  3. Unmasking Counterfeit Readymade Garments in India Using Blockchain Technology
  4. Blockchain-based esports framework
  5. Exploring the synergy between nano-influencers and sports community: behavior mapping through machine learning
  6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a Tool for Combating COVID-19
  7. Do You Feel Me? Exploring Reception of Advertising Emotions by Consumers
  8. Modeling corporate social responsibility (CSR) enablers for sustainable agriculture by integrating expert mining and ISM-MICMAC
  9. Corporate social responsibility and financial inclusion: Evaluating the moderating effect of income
  10. Sensitizing Netizen’s behavior through influencer intervention enabled by crowdsourcing
  11. Connected Homes: Inclusion of IoT in Indian Households
  12. Online Shopping Behavior during COVID-19 Pandemic: An Indian Perspective
  13. Autonomous Agriculture Marketing Information System Through Blockchain: A Case Study of e-NAM Adoption in India
  14. An overview of food supply chain virtualisation and granular traceability using blockchain technology