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  1. Twelve weeks of low volume sprint interval training improves cardio-metabolic health outcomes in overweight females
  2. Influence of recovery duration during 6-s sprint interval exercise on time spent at high rates of oxygen uptake
  3. Exercise training and blood cardiac troponin T
  4. Detection of subclinical CAD in athletes by Cardiac troponins
  5. High-Intensity Interval Training in Normobaric Hypoxia Improves Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Overweight Chinese Young Women
  6. Sex differences in release of cardiac troponin T after endurance exercise
  7. Histological evidence for reversible cardiomyocyte changes and serum cardiac troponin T elevation after exercise in rats
  8. “Functional” Inspiratory and Core Muscle Training Enhances Running Performance and Economy
  9. Exercise-induced cardiac marker release
  10. Comparison of High-Intensity Interval Training and Moderate-to-Vigorous Continuous Training for Cardiometabolic Health and Exercise Enjoyment in Obese Young Women: A Randomized Controlled Trial
  11. Effects of 12-Week Endurance Training at Natural Low Altitude on the Blood Redox Homeostasis of Professional Adolescent Athletes: A Quasi-Experimental Field Trial
  12. Short sprints (30s) attenuate post-prandial blood glucose in young healthy males
  13. Effects of acute, intermittent exercise in hypoxic environments on the release of cardiac troponin
  14. Sport-specific endurance plank test for evaluation of global core muscle function
  15. Reproducibility of cardiac biomarkers response to prolonged treadmill exercise
  16. Serum Oxidant and Antioxidant Status Following an All-Out 21-km Run in Adolescent Runners Undergoing Professional Training—A One-Year Prospective Trial
  17. Acute changes in glycemic homeostasis in response to brief high-intensity intermittent exercise in obese adults
  18. Red Light and the Sleep Quality and Endurance Performance of Chinese Female Basketball Players
  19. Respiratory and locomotor muscle blood-volume and oxygenation kinetics during intense intermittent exercise
  20. The kinetics of highly sensitive cardiac troponin T release after prolonged treadmill exercise in adolescent and adult athletes
  21. The Release of Immunosuppressive Factor(s) in Young Males Following Exercise
  22. Serum Oxidant and Antioxidant Status in Adolescents Undergoing Professional Endurance Sports Training
  23. Toward the Minimal Volume of Exercise for the Prevention and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes
  24. Effects of Non-Wingate-based High-intensity Interval Training on Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Aerobic-based Exercise Capacity in Sedentary Subjects: A Preliminary Study
  25. Effect of Repeated Endurance Runs on Cardiac Biomarkers and Function in Adolescents
  26. The Influence of a Half-Marathon Race Upon Cardiac Troponin T Release in Adolescent Runners
  27. The effects of time and intensity of exercise on novel and established markers of CVD in adolescent youth
  28. Renal function parameters during early and late recovery periods following an all-out 21-km run in trained adolescent runners
  29. Temporal association of elevations in serum cardiac troponin T and myocardial oxidative stress after prolonged exercise in rats
  30. Serum oxidant and antioxidant status during early and late recovery periods following an all-out 21-km run in trained adolescent runners
  31. Resting and post-exercise serum biomarkers of cardiac and skeletal muscle damage in adolescent runners
  32. Impact of a 21-km Run on Cardiac Biomarkers in Adolescent Runners
  33. Serum Cardiac Troponin T in Adolescent Runners: Effects of Exercise Intensity and Duration
  34. The effect of inspiratory muscle training on high-intensity, intermittent running performance to exhaustion
  35. Serum Cardiac Troponin Response in Adolescents Playing Basketball
  36. Specific inspiratory muscle warm-up enhances badminton footwork performance