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  1. A Passage-Level Reading Behavior Model for Mobile Search
  2. User Behavior Simulation for Search Result Re-ranking
  3. Understanding Relevance Judgments in Legal Case Retrieval
  4. Evaluating Interpolation and Extrapolation Performance of Neural Retrieval Models
  5. 4th Workshop on Deep Learning Practice and Theory for High-Dimensional Sparse and Imbalanced Data with KDD 2022
  6. Axiomatically Regularized Pre-training for Ad hoc Search
  7. Webformer
  8. Generating Clarifying Questions with Web Search Results
  9. Learning Probabilistic Box Embeddings for Effective and Efficient Ranking
  10. Global or Local: Constructing Personalized Click Models for Web Search
  11. A Cooperative Neural Information Retrieval Pipeline with Knowledge Enhanced Automatic Query Reformulation
  12. Learning Discrete Representations via Constrained Clustering for Effective and Efficient Dense Retrieval
  13. Jointly Optimizing Query Encoder and Product Quantization to Improve Retrieval Performance
  15. Incorporating Query Reformulating Behavior into Web Search Evaluation
  16. Evaluating Relevance Judgments with Pairwise Discriminative Power
  17. A Hybrid Framework for Session Context Modeling
  18. Optimizing Dense Retrieval Model Training with Hard Negatives
  19. Investigating User Behavior in Legal Case Retrieval
  20. Investigating Session Search Behavior with Knowledge Graphs
  21. Unbiased Learning to Rank
  22. Constructing a Comparison-based Click Model for Web Search
  23. Towards a Better Understanding of Query Reformulation Behavior in Web Search
  24. Topic-enhanced knowledge-aware retrieval model for diverse relevance estimation
  25. Challenges in designing a brain-machine search interface
  26. Neural Logic Reasoning
  27. Learning Better Representations for Neural Information Retrieval with Graph Information
  28. Preference-based Evaluation Metrics for Web Image Search
  29. Models Versus Satisfaction
  30. Cascade or Recency
  31. Investigating Reading Behavior in Fine-grained Relevance Judgment
  32. An Analysis of BERT in Document Ranking
  33. Modeling User Behavior for Vertical Search: Images, Apps and Products
  34. Leveraging Passage-level Cumulative Gain for Document Ranking
  35. "Revisiting information retrieval tasks with user behavior models" by Yiqun Liu and Jiaxin Mao with Martin Vesely as coordinator
  36. TianGong-ST
  37. Improving Web Image Search with Contextual Information
  38. Investigating the Learning Process in Job Search
  39. Context-Aware Ranking by Constructing a Virtual Environment for Reinforcement Learning
  40. Investigating the Reliability of Click Models
  41. Search Result Reranking with Visual and Structure Information Sources
  42. Teach Machine How to Read
  43. Towards Context-Aware Evaluation for Image Search
  44. Investigating Passage-level Relevance and Its Role in Document-level Relevance Judgment
  45. Human Behavior Inspired Machine Reading Comprehension
  46. SIGIR 2019 Tutorial on Explainable Recommendation and Search
  47. WWW’19 Tutorial on Explainable Recommendation and Search
  48. Grid-based Evaluation Metrics for Web Image Search
  49. Understanding Reading Attention Distribution during Relevance Judgement
  50. Unbiased Learning to Rank
  51. How Does Domain Expertise Affect Users’ Search Interaction and Outcome in Exploratory Search?
  52. Constructing Click Models for Mobile Search
  53. Towards Designing Better Session Search Evaluation Metrics
  54. ACM SIGIR Student Liaison Program
  55. "Satisfaction with Failure" or "Unsatisfied Success"
  56. Understanding and Predicting Usefulness Judgment in Web Search
  57. When does Relevance Mean Usefulness and User Satisfaction in Web Search?