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  1. Enhancing Next-Item Recommendation Through Adaptive User Group Modeling
  2. SMONE: A Session-based Recommendation Model Based on Neighbor Sessions with Similar Probabilistic Intentions
  3. KAE-Informer: A Knowledge Auto-Embedding Informer for Forecasting Long-Term Workloads of Microservices
  4. FASTER: A Dynamic Fairness-assurance Strategy for Session-based Recommender Systems
  5. MASR: A Model-Agnostic Sparse Routing Architecture for Arbitrary Order Feature Sharing in Multi-Task Learning
  6. Learning a Hierarchical Intent Model for Next-Item Recommendation
  7. Predicting a Person’s Next Activity Region with a Dynamic Region-Relation-Aware Graph Neural Network
  8. TFROM
  9. Accelerate the Execution of a Service Processes
  10. A decision support system for multi-disciplinary treatment
  11. Leveraging Kernel-Incorporated Matrix Factorization for App Recommendation
  12. TSLAM
  13. Decentralized executions of privacy awareness data analytics workflows in the cloud
  14. Improving the Quality of Recommendations for Users and Items in the Tail of Distribution
  15. Recommendations Based on Comprehensively Exploiting the Latent Factors Hidden in Items’ Ratings and Content
  16. Learning Informative Priors from Heterogeneous Domains to Improve Recommendation in Cold-Start User Domains
  17. Towards a Decoupled Context-Oriented Programming Language for the Internet of Things
  18. CPU load prediction for cloud environment based on a dynamic ensemble model