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  1. Laminar Flow in Grooved Pipes
  2. Influence of Pressure Gradients on the Evolution of the Görtler Instability
  3. Flow in a meandering channel
  4. Numerical Analysis of Laminar-Drag-Reducing Grooves
  5. Efficient over-determined implementation of the immersed boundary conditions method
  6. Effects of longitudinal grooves on the Couette–Poiseuille flow
  7. Stability of flow in a channel with longitudinal grooves
  8. Natural convection in a fluid layer periodically heated from above
  9. Flow recovery downstream from a surface protuberance
  10. Groove optimization for drag reduction
  11. Maximization of heat transfer across micro-channels
  12. Instabilities of natural convection in a periodically heated layer
  13. Efficient solvers for the IBC method
  14. Pressure losses in grooved channels
  15. Flows in annuli with longitudinal grooves
  16. On the super-thermohydrophobic effect
  17. Heat Transfer Due to Natural Convection in a Periodically Heated Slot
  18. Drag reduction due to spatial thermal modulations
  19. Super-Hydrophobic Effect in Single Phase Fluids
  20. Mechanism of drag generation by surface corrugation
  21. Grooved surfaces for laminar drag reduction
  22. Dynamics of Water Droplet Distortion and Breakup in a Uniform Electric Field
  23. On the transition between distributed and isolated surface roughness and its effect on the stability of channel flow
  24. Algorithm for analysis of flows in ribbed annuli
  25. Spectral algorithm for the analysis of flows in grooved channels
  26. Efficient Methods for Analysis of Flows in Grooved Annuli
  27. Spectral Method for Analyzing Motions of Ellis Fluid Over Corrugated Boundaries
  28. Numerical Bifurcation Study of Natural Convection in a Layer of Fluid Subject to Spatially Distributed Heating
  29. Dynamics of Water Droplet Distortion and Break-Up in a Uniform Electric Field
  30. Spectrally-accurate algorithm for moving boundary problems for the Navier–Stokes equations
  31. Traveling wave instability in a diverging–converging channel
  32. Over-determined formulation of the immersed boundary conditions method
  33. Certain Aspect of Instability of Flow in a Channel with Expansion/Contraction
  34. Gridless spectral algorithm for Stokes flow with moving boundaries
  35. Instability of Adverse-Pressure-Gradient Boundary Layers with Suction
  36. Implicit spectrally-accurate method for moving boundary problems using immersed boundary conditions concept
  37. Immersed boundary conditions method for unsteady flow problems described by the Laplace operator
  38. Three-dimensional instabilities of laminar flow in a rough channel and the concept of hydraulically smooth wall
  39. Effect of streamwise-periodic wall transpiration on turbulent friction drag
  40. Transient disturbance growth in a corrugated channel
  41. Experiments on the linear instability of flow in a wavy channel
  42. Modification of Turbulent Flow Using Distributed Transpiration
  43. Two-dimensional instability of flow in a rough channel
  44. Finite-difference 4th-order compact scheme for the direct numerical simulation of instabilities of shear layers
  45. Certain aspects of channel entrance flow
  46. Charge transport in flowing high resistivity liquids
  47. Charge transport in flowing high resistivity liquidsPeriodic wire-channel configuration
  48. Thermocapillary convection in the over-filled and partially filled cavities
  49. Wall-transpiration-induced instabilities in plane Couette flow
  50. Vortex instability in a divergingconverging channel
  51. Thermocapillary convection with moving contact points
  52. Existence Limits for Straight and Curved Interfaces Exposed to Temperature Gradients
  53. Influence of Heat Transfer at the Interface on the Thermocapillary Convection in the Adjacent Phase
  54. Stability of flow in a channel with vibrating walls
  55. Instability of Accelerated Boundary Layers Induced by Surface Suction
  56. Stability of flow in a wavy channel
  57. Entry flow in a channel
  58. Instability of accelerated boundary layers induced by surface suction
  59. Centrifugal instability of Couette flow over a wavy wall
  60. Accurate Evaluation of the Loss Coefficient and the Entrance Length of the Inlet Region of a Channel
  61. Boundary layer instability induced by surface suction
  62. Numerical simulation of flows over corrugated walls
  63. Enhanced Heat Transfer for Microturbine Recuperators
  64. Marangoni Instability in a Finite Container-Transition Between Short and Long Wavelengths Modes
  65. A method of control of transfer processes
  66. Marangoni convection. Part 2. A cavity subject to point heating
  67. Marangoni convection. Part 1. A cavity with differentially heated sidewalls
  68. Channel Flow Instability in Presence of Weak Distributed Surface Suction
  69. Stability of Poiseuille Flow in a Corrugated Channel
  70. Channel flow instability in presence of weak distributed surface suction
  71. A Direct Spectral Method for Determination of Flows over Corrugated Boundaries
  72. Flow modifications using distributed suction
  73. Higher-Order Unstructured Domain Decomposition Method for Navier–Stokes Equations
  74. Heat Transfer Enhancement Generated by the Chimney Effect in Systems of Vertical Channels
  75. Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Nonisothermal Capillary Interfaces
  76. Heat Transfer Enhancement in the Entrance Zone of a Vertical Channel
  77. Stability of wall-bounded shear layers in the presence of simulated distributed surface roughness
  78. Free convection heat transfer in multiple vertical channels
  79. On the Numerical Treatment of Corner Singularity in the Vorticity Field
  80. Heat Conduction Through a Barrier Made of a Suspension of Disklike Particles
  81. Domain Decomposition and the Compact Fourth-Order Algorithm for the Navier-Stokes Equations
  82. Thermocapillary convection and existence of continuous liquid layers in the absence of gravity
  83. Wall effects in heat conduction through a heterogeneous material
  84. Numerical Simulation of Nonisothermal Capillary Interfaces
  85. A Thermal Barrier With Adaptive Heat Transfer Characteristics
  86. A Study of Natural Convection Between Inclined Isothermal Plates
  87. Schwarz-Christoffel methods for conformal mapping of regions with a periodic boundary
  88. Heat Transfer Enhancement From a Vertical, Isothermal Channel Generated by the Chimney Effect
  89. Stability of plane nonorthogonal stagnation flow
  90. Dynamics of water droplets breakup in electric fields
  91. Dynamics of droplets in uniform electric fields
  92. On the görtler instability of boundary layers
  93. Thermocapillary convection in a liquid layer resting on a nonisothermal plate
  94. A Numerical Study of Developing Free Convection Between Isothermal Vertical Plates
  95. Flow over a leading edge with distributed roughness
  96. On the Modelling of Roughness Effects
  97. Certain Aspects of Flows over Rough Leading Edges
  98. Goertler instability of wall jets
  99. Numerical Methods for Viscous Flows With Moving Boundaries
  100. Quadrature rules for singular integrals with application to Schwarz-Christoffel mappings
  101. Schwarz-Christoffel mappings: A General approach
  102. Thermocapillary effects in liquid bridges. II. Deformation of the interface and capillary instability
  103. Thermocapillary effects in liquid bridges. I. Thermocapillary convection
  104. Instabilities of a liquid film flowing down a slightly inclined plane
  105. Görtler instability of boundary layers over concave and convex walls
  106. Conformal-mapping- based coordinate generation method for flows in periodic configurations
  107. Low Reynolds number flow over cavities
  108. The second mode of the Goertler instability of boundary layers
  109. Effects of blowing on the Goertler instability of boundary layers
  110. Conformal-mapping-based coordinate generation method for channel flows
  111. Wavelength selection and growth of Goertler vortices
  112. Effects of suction on the Goertler instability of boundary layers
  113. Stability of Gortler Vortices in Boundary Layers
  114. Wavelength selection and total growth of Gortler vortices
  115. Stability of Goertler vortices in boundary layers
  116. The domain decomposition method and compact discretization for the Navier-Stokes equations
  117. Dynamics of sessile droplets deformation under electric fields in microgravity
  118. Dynamics of water droplets break-up in electric fields